Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Doing What Comes Naturally

I knew, when I began writing, that I wanted to write women's fiction. The genre came naturally to me. Writing about a female character who has to find strength in herself to meet a challenge or overcome an obstacle or start over is an exciting venture. But, as a writer, I've also tried to stretch my wings and write other genres--mystery, contemporary romance, and paranormal romantic suspense. It's good to push out the boundaries and try new things. We learn our own strengths. We discover our growing edges. And we identify our weaknesses. Weakness isn't a bad thing here. Because the other side of weakness is strength, and we always want to play to our strengths. When we discover the writing style that comes naturally to us, our writing flows.

I wrote a short story murder mystery. It's a pretty good short story. I thought about writing it into a full-length novel, but I'm not sure I want to work that hard. And it would be work for me. There is always a measure of work involved if you care about the quality of your manuscript. But there is an ease that comes with writing what you know best, what comes from your heart and soul, more than from your head. And I think it shows in the end result. Think of those novels you've read that are easy, flowing, and engaging. The ones you find yourself slowing with because you don't want them to end. Then think of the novels you've read or attempted to read that are dry, in which the writing is jerky or rigid, that read like a meandering through a maze with sudden turns and dead-ends. You know--the books you keep reading with the assumption it will surely get better, then begin to wonder if it will ever end.

I'm not saying I'll never pursue turning that murder mystery short story into a novel. But I will, no doubt, pursue it from the female detective's point of view, more in line with a women's fiction novel that has a mystery element. I hope I'll always remain open to new challenges to develop my skill as a writer.

If you want to test out my theory, read Janet Evanovich, Lisa Scottoline, Elizabeth Berg, Kris Radish, Nicholas Sparks, and John Grisham. These are just a few authors who, in my opinion, write what comes naturally.

Happy reading--and writing!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Joy Source

It was my pleasure this past week to meet Julie McGrath, lifestyle speaker and owner of The Joy Source. Julie's work involves encouraging women to take time for themselves, to restore their spirits and nourish their souls. I can identify very much with Julie's message. My writing is a result of taking that time to explore and follow my own passion. And I just contracted my ninth novel for publication!

In addition to offering workshops, Julie also produces a quarterly newsletter. I encourage all women to visit The Joy Source and to sign up for Julie's newsletter. Become inspired!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Five at Writing Space

My friend and fellow author, Kim Smith posted these questions over at her blog, Writing Space

1. What is your favorite animal? Where does it live?
My cat, Binky. She lives in my apartment. Well, actually she owns the apartment and lets me live there.

2. Do you like antiques? Why?
I love antiques. Can't afford them, but have a great appreciation for them. Why? Because things today aren't made with the same care, quality, and design. Antiques have character, patina. Just ask Abby Walker in my novel, The Restoration of Abby Walker. She opens her own antiques shop and learns all about patina.

3. Which is worse to have too many of in writing, an adverb, or an adjective? Why?
Adverbs drive me nuts. It's like the author is trying to convince you that the verb is real. Really.

4. What are you afraid of?
Dying alone.

5. Who is an attorney and what do they do?
I only know one attorney, and she defends juvenile offenders.

Well, this was fun. Go on over and check out Kim's blog while you're here. Writing Space


"Life's an adventure--wear comfortable shoes."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just Contracted Book Number Nine!

My ninth novel, Renting to Own, has been contracted for publication by Class Act Books.

I'll let you know more as soon as I have a publication date.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

I wish all of you a Happy and Blessed Easter and a delightful spring.