Monday, July 27, 2015

Reading and Driving? That can't be good.

Often people will ask me what I'm currently reading. I generally say, "Well, I reading (whatever I'm reading at the time) on my Kindle and I'm reading (something else) in the car." A few immediately 'get' what I'm saying, but many people gasp in horror. "You read while you drive?"

When I took a job that required nearly a one-hour drive each way, I discovered the value of audio books. I'd occasionally picked up an audio book when traveling, but it wasn't until the monotony of a daily drive back and forth on the same highway threatened to bore me out of my mind. Audio books not only break the boredom. Listening while driving gives me a chance to 'read' more books. As a writer, I need to stay tuned to what's being written by other authors and as a reader, I need to be entertained. I will admit that driving and listening to a book on CD is just about the extent of my multi-tasking abilities. On occasion, I've pulled into the parking lot at work and had to sit for at least five minutes to find out what was going to happen next. Once the receptionist came out to see if I was okay. 

Imagine my delight when I learned that I could have my own books recorded in audio without breaking my budget. My first self-published book, RESCUED, was released in audio in April of this year. PROTECTION, my romantic suspense, just came out on July 20. It was exciting to hear my words performed by Caroline McLaughlin (RESCUED) and Kevin Scollin (PROTECTION).

If you enjoy audio books, check them out here: