Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Something A Little Different - For Me

Those of you who have followed my writing for a while know that I'm not locked into one genre. I started with Women's Fiction and then ventured into writing Contemporary Romance. I've added in a dash of mystery, the paranormal, and suspense to that mix. My newest book, which will release on November 20, is an Inspirational Romance titled After the Fall.

And if you know my books well, you know that my titles often are metaphor for the story. After the Fall is the story of Molly Daniels and Chase Harrington. Both have experienced the falling apart of their lives. Chase, a police detective, vows to make changes to move on with his life, having lost his wife and teen-aged daughter two years earlier. Molly Daniels,a pediatric nurse, moves her fourteen-year-old daughter out of an abusive home in Chicago, returning to the Pittsburgh suburbs where she had spent her early years. Starting a new job and trying to ease her daughter's transition to a new school, Molly is sure things will be better--after the Fall.

The last thing Chase needs is an attractive women with a teen daughter moving in next door and dredging up so many memories. Molly finds it challenging to trust the handsome but often brooding neighbor. Faith is the one thing that has carried Chase through his nightmare losses. Molly has abandoned her faith when she felt betrayed and abandoned by her church. Despite their fears and hesitation, Molly and Chase are drawn together as he believes he might love again and she learns that some men--or at least this man--can be trusted..

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Monday, October 5, 2015

A Sad Ending and A New Adventure

I just signed my name to accept the Reversion of Rights for my books published with Turquoise Morning Press which has closed its doors. It's sad to see this come to an end and, yet, I know it opens a new door for me. My books previously published with TMP will continue to be available as I shift them over to self-publishing.

I've been in this business now for more than ten years. I've seen many e-publishers and small presses come and go. I've heard the horror stories of authors whose rights have been tangled up in the closures. Some authors have had to resort to lawsuits to get their books returned to them.

Kim Jacobs is one class act and a business woman of the highest caliber. Even in this closing of the company, she has exhibited the utmost professionalism and integrity. Things are being done smoothly and with every consideration for the authors. If there's a right way to close a publishing house, she has found it.

I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to thank Kim for her support of my work for the past five years. And I want to thank the magnificent authors I got to meet and who will remain my colleagues and friends as we all find our way forward.

I wish Kim Jacobs only the very best in her own future endeavors as author. And I'm grateful for the people I've met during my journey with Turquoise Morning Press. You all have made me a better writer.