Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Imagine you are an author (or perhaps you are). We often have characters whose stories we put on hold, or those characters that don't develop the way we want them to, or the ones that we discover are strong enough that they deserve their own stories. In any case, we put them on the back burner for a while.

Do you ever wonder what happens to those characters? We're told to write our characters 'real,' make them come to life on the page. Well, what if they did come to life--those discarded characters? What if they mysteriously found their way into an idyllic small town (much like the one you created as a setting for your stories) and where they waited. And then, one day, their author, their creator finds herself stranded in that small town. This is their opportunity--the one they've waited for. The universe has created the perfect storm. They're determined to get their stories told and the happy endings they all deserve. And you're not going anywhere until they do.

In the midst of this unbelievable mystery bordering on a fantasy, you meet the one man who could be your own second chance at love--and you didn't conjure this one. He's real, and he's sexy and kind, and he's interested. But you're so busy writing everyone else's happy ending, you almost leave your own...Unwritten.

Author Amanda McDonnell finds herself stranded in a small Texas town that’s not even on the map. She is soon confronted by a mystery and caught up in an impossible fantasy.
It seems the characters she had discarded from her stories have come to life in Elderberry, Texas—and now they’re demanding their happy endings.

In the midst of trying to understand the impossible, Amanda finds the one man with whom she could write her own happy ending.

She’s gives herself the best possible advice: Just trust your heart. You won’t go wrong.

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Coming soon in paperback.