Sunday, April 8, 2018

Happy Book Birthday - Gone to the Dogs

It's been quite an adventure with this book, but it's finally here. This light, sweet seasoned romance will likely appeal to those who enjoy Hallmark movies. It was written with that in mind. Gone to the Dogs features a heroine and hero who are 35 and 38, respectively. Love is all about second chances.

When her best friend is injured in a sky-diving accident, Emily Price jumps at the chance to flee New York and give Carrie the support she needs. Ransom Cove, the small town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, turns out to be just what Emily needs to overcome writer’s block. Dr. Noah Holt, the local veterinarian and Carrie’s third-best friend, is skeptical from the start that Emily is the person Carrie most needs. He could be right, but Emily is the person Carrie has chosen. The biggest challenge for Emily isn’t uprooting herself from New York, finishing her manuscript, or nursing her friend back to health. Her biggest challenge is Daisy, a twelve pound terrier mix, and stepping in to run Beach Dawgs Spa & Resort, her friend’s business. Emily tells everyone she is not a dog person, but no one seems to be listening—least of all Daisy. Then there’s Noah…

Available now in ebook and coming soon in trade paperback.