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Support Your Favorite Authors

As a writer, one of my great joys is in creating a story and presenting characters with which my readers identify and from which they draw an equal amount of joy. Being an author with smaller, independent publishers means I have to work a lot harder to get my books recognized and to draw in readers. Often readers will ask, "Why don't  more people read your books? I love them."

The answer is simple: Because more people don't know about them. So, for those readers out there (of my books and of other authors) who want to know how to support your favorite authors, here are some tips:

1. Word of Mouth - There is nothing like word-of-mouth to turn new readers onto your favorite authors and their books. If you like a book, talk it up, tell people about it and tell them where they can buy the book. Every author has a website and links to where their books can be purchased.

2.  Write a review - allows for reader reviews and ratings. Some authors love to receive reviews with permission to post them on their own website or blog. We're easy to be found and contacted. My own website and blog both have contact buttons to direct you to an email that comes right to me.

3.  Request your local library to order the book(s) - Libraries will generally order books for their shelves upon request of library members. Of course we authors would rather sell individual copies, but having our books available in the library introduces our work to new readership.

4.  Introduce the book to your book club - If you belong to a book club, introduce them to your favorite author and book, ask to include it in their reading and discussion. Some authors, myself included, are more than willing to be a part of the discussion, if not in person, via phone or Skype. Trust me--we love to talk about our books with readers.

5.  Check out the author's website. Post an encouraging note if they have a guestbook option (which I do at Subscribe to the author's blog if he/she has one and comment on discussion topics. (My blog address is - right here and you can subscribe in the right column.) Let us know you're out there! We write a book and fling it out into the universe and, with the exception of royalty statements (which can be paltry at times), we have no idea who is reading our books. Give us a shout out and let us know.

6.  Follow your favorite authors on Facebook and Twitter. Most of us are there and love to have you 'like' our author pages and become our 'friends'.

7.  Take the time to send a note the publisher if there's is a book/author you particularly enjoy reading. Again, this information is generally available on the author's website with a link to the publisher's site. There you can generally find a 'contact us' option.

8.  Many of us engage in author chats on various Yahoo Groups and forums. We usually announce these in advance via Facebook and Twitter or on our blogs. Join one or two of the groups and become a part of the conversation. Each of my publishers has a Yahoo group that is open to both authors and readers--a place where authors and readers interact and authors share new information on their books.

9.  Think about giving books as gifts. Many of us will gladly sign a book you've purchased to give as a gift. I always keep a supply of books on hand for those who want to purchase a signed copy directly from me. One of my publishers, Champagne Books, is now offering an option in the bookstore that, for a small additional charge, you can purchase an author-signed copy of a book directly from the publisher.

10.  Talk, talk, talk--Talk about the books that engage you, excite you, keep you riveted to the pages. Especially those books by new or lesser-known authors. Again, word-of-mouth is the best way to introduce your friends to the books and authors you love. Think of how many times we talk up a restaurant we've discovered that offers scrumptious food. Think of your favorite author's books as a feast for the soul and share the good news with your friends.

Writing can be a somewhat solitary venture. While I'm engrossed in the writing of the story, I'm not all that aware of what's going on beyond my laptop. But when a book is finished and published, I often wonder how it's doing out there. Kind of like sending your child off to the first day of school. I rely on readers to let me know how it's going. Don't be shy--reply! (Okay, I'm going to stop here before I morph in O.J. or Dr. Seuss.)

Happy reading.


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Misa Buckley in the Author Spotlight

In this week's Author Spotlight, I'm pleased to introduce paranormal romance author Misa Buckley.

1.  Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a married mum of five, living in Manchester, England. That’s about as interesting as it gets, heh. I’m a huge fan of sci fi and Steampunk. I also like knitting. I have a mad dog, two budgerigars and a motorcycle that I can’t ride yet.

2. Every author I’ve met has their own unique story of how they found their way into writing. What path led you to become an author?

I started out as a fan fiction writer, with no particular urge to be published. I’m aware many authors look down on fan fic, but it was how I learnt to write… and to understand how feedback makes one a good writer. It also gave me the confidence to share my stories, without which I might not have been so quick to submit my first novella.

The switch from fan to original fiction came in 2007, when I tried NaNoWriMo. I failed to reach 50K, but discovered that I could invent my own worlds and characters. Though that story is still in progress, I now have three novellas published and am working on more.

3.  What aspect of the writing process do you enjoy the most? What part of the process do you dread?

Beginnings – I love the shininess of a brand new story. I also love worldbuilding and creating characters.

I really dislike middles. That’s where it gets hard and where new plot bunnies pop up in an attempt to distract me. One of the reasons that I asked my publisher to give me deadlines on several WIPs was to top from dropping one story for the next.

4.  Are you a plotter or a pantser in terms of your writing style? Describe your writing space.

I’m a total pantser. My “plotting” tends to consist of a quick, back-page-blurb type affair (sometimes not even that) and a handful of scenes played out in my head. I frequently have no idea of where the story will take me next, so it’s as much a journey of discovery for me as it is for the reader. I like that J

My writing space… I bought a desk. It’s covered in clothes. I have my spot on the couch and write on my laptop. As for the kids – well, that’s what headphones were invented for.

5.  Which author has most influenced or inspired you?

Oh good grief, where do I begin? Every author I read influences me to a degree. I envy L.A Witt’s prolificacy. Guy Gavriel Kay’s worldbuilding leaves me in awe. I’ve read Adams and Pratchett, Tolkien and Astimov, Eddings and Austin. I think the Belgarion was the first series to inspire me, though I’ve still not written that Epic Fantasy I dreamt of when I was a teen.

6.  Of all of your published books, which one story or character is your favorite and why?

All? LOL. Um, I’d have to say Lucian, from IRONHAVEN, simply because that was my first published novella.
7.  Would you tell us a little about your latest book?

ELEANOR’S HEART is a paranormal romance. It’s the book I always said I’d never write, as it involves vampires and I swore off that particular bandwagon. However, I needed to write a Steampunk story set in winter and one thing led to another. Though Jefferson is not our average vampire (don’t worry – he doesn’t sparkle)

The official blurb: Dying of a rare blood disease, Eleanor Franklin needs laudanum to ease the pain, often driven to steal in order to buy more. But when she steals a ruby she has no idea that the gem will tip her into the midst of a deadly species war.

Saved by Jefferson Park, she discovers a man with an even darker past than her own: he is one of the last true Vampires fighting to stop the eradication of his kind.

But the Sanguine aren’t the only problem as Eleanor finds herself falling in love with Jefferson. It is a relationship she cannot commit to, as she knows her time is limited, and she will not risk breaking his heart.

8.  What can readers expect in the coming months? What are you working on now?

I have two more novellas contracted with Champagne Books – TIN CAT, out March 2012, and BAYNE, out May 2013. Both are science fiction romances, though very different in tone.

I’ve just finished an erotic sci fi, called TURNING TRICKS, and am now working on a Weird Western entitled THE QUICK & THE UNDEAD. I have a schedule of WIPs that’s going to keep me busy until May next year, plus more plot bunnies vying for attention.

9.  What interview question have you never been asked that you’re dying to answer?

See, this is where actually having a life would come in handy, because then I’d be able to share how I climbed such-and-such mountain or sailed a million oceans. However, I don’t have a life and absolutely nothing of interest to share. Sorry bout that.

10.  Where can you be found on the web?

My website and blog is which is where the details of all my stories can be found. I’m on Twitter ( a LOT, so you can find me there if you want to chat J

Thanks so much, Misa, for being here this week.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Free Read Friday: WAKE-UP CALL


            Candace Hudson slapped at the alarm clock, but the annoying noise continued. Remembering the wake-up call she had requested, she groaned and fumbled for the phone.
“Thank you.”
            A deep chuckle hummed in her ear. “Well, darlin’, you’re welcome.”
            She jerked upright. The room swayed and her head pounded. “Who is this?”
            “You knew my name last night, as I recall.”
            She shivered and clutched the sheet around her naked body. I’m naked? I don’t sleep in the nude. Last night was fuzzy. She had attended the service awards dinner for the Kids World Summit where she had shared a table with five other people. Three women and the computer geek from California. No, he didn’t have a drawl. The only other man at the table was from Texas. What the hell was his name? He wore boots and a cowboy hat—a walking cliché. No one could have been more out of place. Name, name, name. She squeezed her eyes shut and tapped a finger to her forehead. Her breathing quickened.
            She exhaled slowly. “I don’t know who you are, or what you’re trying to do, but….”
            “Candy? You don’t remember. You downed a few glasses of wine, but not that much. I think that Randall fella got to you. I don’t know what he did to piss you off, but remind me to never do that. Maybe I should come back up there and refresh your memory.”
            “No! Don’t come up here. And don’t call me Candy.”
            An image flashed: Someone removing her clothing and placing her on the bed. She shuddered. What happened to me last night?
            The Texas drawl pulled her back. “Okay then, how about lunch? Maybe seein’ me will jumpstart your memory.”
            “I…I’m hanging up now.” She slammed down the phone as her stomach convulsed. She tossed back the covers and pulled on the robe draped over a chair. In the bathroom, she looked in the mirror. Her smudged eye makeup gave her a raccoon-on-the-morning-after look. Honey-blonde hair spiked out wildly from her head, and her lips were swollen. An oval bruise glared from her neck. What the hell have I done? And who did I do it with?
            She sat on the edge of the tub and closed her eyes again, mentally skimming the faces of her dinner companions. Taking a deep breath, she focused on the image of the man who had sat across from her. A black Stetson and boots—black leather with a thin line of silver trim. Spurs? No, of course not. She let her inner vision work its way up those long, long denimclad
legs. The etched belt buckle—a pair of letters. Double C? No. GC. Name, name. George? Greg? Come on. Come on. Griff…and something with a ‘C’. It figures. The egomaniac wears a vanity belt buckle.
            Continuing her perusal, she recalled the expensive-looking white shirt that hugged a narrow, muscled midsection. A rugged but pleasant face bore a cleft chin and a square, shadowed jaw. A mustache? She hated a mustache. A slightly crooked smile pulled at full lips and revealed another dimple. Her lips parted and she licked them. Move on. Hmm, nice nose. The slightest bump—probably an old sports injury or a bar fight. Cheekbones. Very nicely defined. Now on to the eyes. She gasped. Smoky-gray eyes looked down at her from beneath impossibly long,
dark eyelashes. Down? Oh, my god. Her eyes flashed open.
            She pulled a tissue from the box on the sink and wiped the smeared eyeliner. A wave of nausea rolled through her. Who the hell is Griff?
            She turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature before stepping inside. Steam clouded the bathroom while a hot stream hit her shoulders. Her head throbbed. A sour taste burned in the back of her throat. Maybe if I stay here until the conference ends, I can pretend nothing happened.
            No such luck. She had volunteered to moderate the ten o’clock roundtable discussion on obtaining grant funding for special programs. She groaned and shut off the water. Perhaps she could dodge the cowboy for the rest of the day, then make a hasty escape as soon as the Summit closed.
            After wincing against the whine of the hair dryer, she returned to the bedroom and donned a gray skirt and white blouse, topped by a gray pinstriped jacket. She pulled her hair up into a modest chignon. Her eyes teared when she tried to insert her contacts. Giving up, she fumbled in her purse for her glasses. The full-length mirror reflected the image of a demure,
stereotypical librarian. Hah.
            In the conference room, Patricia, her assistant, had set up a laptop for a Power Point presentation. “Good morning. Whoa, did you sleep at all last night?”
            “I did…eventually. But I guess I must look like I feel.”
            “Can I get you a cup of coffee?”
            Candace nodded. “Thanks.” She searched her briefcase for her notes.
            Patricia returned with coffee and a croissant from the hospitality table at the back of the room. “You weren’t feeling much pain last night.”
            “I’m feeling it this morning. What about last night?”
            “You were a little tipsy. At least I hope you were. Have you ever watched yourself dance?”
            “Oh god, did I make a fool of myself?” Candace felt the heat of embarrassment and pressed a palm to her cheek.
            “Not completely. It probably wasn’t a good idea to mix wine with that allergy medication you took right before dinner.”
            “That explains why last night is a blur. I forgot about taking that pill. Do I need to be ashamed to show my face around here this morning?”
            “No. Griff rescued you before you made a scene or passed out.”
            “Yeah, who’s Griff?”
            “The tall, handsome cowboy who sat at our table. He intervened when you went off on Randall.”
            “Oh, no. I let that worm get to me. What did I say?”
            “Something about you having given Randall everything, and him aborting your hopes of having a family.” Patricia leaned closer, and whispered, “You didn’t have an abor—”
            Candace gasped. “Of course not. It was a figure of speech. Other people heard me say that?”
            “I wouldn’t worry. No one paid attention. You know how hard this group likes to party at a conference. You look like hell this morning, by the way.”
            “Thanks, good to know that.” She glanced over her shoulder as people began to fill the chairs behind her. “This is all I need, to make a spectacle of myself in this venue when I’m going to ask some of these people for funding.”
            Patricia narrowed her eyes. “Will you be able to do your presentation?”
            “I don’t have much choice.” Candace organized her note cards. “No need for you to suffer through it, though. I’ll see you at lunch.”
            Candace gathered her notes and composed herself. At ten o’clock sharp, she turned to her audience. She scanned the faces of agency directors she’d seen at this and other conferences in the past. Some attendees were new to her. On her left, her gaze lingered on the face of Randall Spiker. He smirked and winked at her. His skin, pale under the fluorescent lights, and his slicked-back dark hair reminded her of a character in one of the old vampire movies. How had she ever found him attractive? She shuddered and looked off to her right, directly into the smiling eyes of the tall cowboy holding up the wall in the back of the room.
            He nodded and waved. Heat flamed Candace’s face as she turned her attention back to her audience. “Uh…good morning. We’re here to discuss…um…to…uh….” Her note cards fell from her trembling fingers and scattered on the floor. “Excuse me.” She stooped to gather them, then pulled herself to her feet, once again facing the workshop participants. “I’m… uh…I’m Candace Hudson, Executive Director of First Steps. Welcome. I think we’ll begin with the Power Point presentation, then go right into our discussion.”
            She sank into the chair beside the table holding the laptop and picked up the remote. Her voice sounded foreign to her as she talked her way through the slideshow. Standing again to open the discussion, she fixed her gaze on a matronly woman in the center of the front row. The woman’s sour expression kept Candace focused until her presentation ended.
            The workshop adjourned and participants filed out. Candace whirled around at the tap on her right shoulder. “Randall!”
            “I just wanted to applaud your performance of last evening. And to think I broke it off because I thought you were boring. Or were you determined to prove me wrong last night?”
            Her mind whirled and she glared at him. “First of all, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Secondly, I don’t need to prove anything to you. Thirdly, you broke it off because you’d already used me to get what you really wanted—a contract to represent the Carr Foundation.”
            His upper lip curled into a sneer. “Bitter doesn’t look good on you, Candace.”
            She shuffled her note cards. “Randall, leave me alone. Don’t you have a meeting to attend, or some other woman to demean?”
            “I might have been very wrong about you. Maybe you just needed a little lube to get the gears grinding. You were almost fun last night.” He accompanied his comment with a swivel of his hips.
            “You’re a disgusting pig. I don’t know what I ever saw in you.” A hand on her back startled her. She looked up into liquid gray eyes shadowed by the brim of a black hat.
            “Hey, darlin’.” The cowboy removed his hat, revealing thick, dark brown hair that curled around his ears and over his collar. “You did a real good job with your presentation.” He smiled, then turned to Randall. “Griff Calhoun.” He extended a hand. “We weren’t properly introduced last night.”
            “Randall Spiker.” Randall shifted his gaze from Candace to Griff. “How long have you and Candace known one another?”
            Candace leaned closer to hear the answer as well.
            “Me and Candy? Oh, we only recently met, but it seems as if I’ve known her forever. She’s that kind of woman, you know, makes an impression.”
            Candace gulped. “Yes, um…about lunch. I’d love to join you. Randall, you’ll excuse us?”
            “Sure. You and Cowboy Bob have a good day.”
            A hand landed on Randall’s shoulder, the fingers wrinkling the fabric of his Armani suit. “You don’t hear too good, do you? My name’s Griff. Not Bob. And I think you owe Candy here an apology on account of you being ungentlemanly just now.”
            Randall’s face drained of color. “Candace knows I didn’t mean anything. We’re…uh… old friends. Aren’t we, Candy?”
            His emphasis of the nickname jarred her, threatening to shake loose some memory that made her stomach tighten. Fingers trailed down her neck and across her breast while a voice talked about playing a game of Candyland. “Just leave.” She looked up at Griff. “Let him go, please.”
            “Anything for you, darlin’.” Griff released Randall with a shove, sending him stumbling backward. Randall hurried from the room. “I don’t much like that guy.” Griff steadied his gaze on Candace. “Now, about lunch.”
            “Oh, no.” She pointed a well-manicured finger at him. “Not until I know who you are and what happened last night.”
            “We went through this once, but you were a little distracted. I’m Griffin Calhoun. I’m looking for someone to help me run a camp on my ranch for kids from divorced families. That’s what brought me to this conference. Otherwise, you wouldn’t catch me dead in New York City. As for last night, you and I started to get acquainted.”
            Flames licked her cheeks. “I mean before…before…that.”
            He toyed with the brim of his Stetson. “Look, let’s get out of here, go for a walk.”
            She drew back. “I’m not going anywhere with you. I don’t know you.”
            “You’d know me better if we’d had a chance to finish what we started. But you fell asleep on me.”
            Candace thought the top of her head would explode.
            “You okay, Candy? You look a little flushed.”
            “I’m fine. And stop calling me Candy. My name’s Candace.”
            “So noted. You know, Randall should have his head examined, leaving a woman like you and calling you boring. You’re anything but.”
            She jerked her head up. “How do you know what Randall said?”
            “You told me all about it. Made me promise not to take him out behind the loading dock for a butt kickin’. Personally, I think you just need the right man to bring out the best in you.”
            Participants for the next workshop began to gather in the meeting room. She grabbed Griff’s arm and dragged him toward the door. “Will you stop talking like that? People will hear you.”
            “Most of ‘em heard you last night.”
            She winced. “Oh, god. Fine. I’ll have lunch with you. Anything to get you out of here.” She rushed ahead of him toward the lobby and ran into Patricia. “Will you be okay on your own for lunch? I need to talk with Mr. Calhoun.”
            Patricia nodded, then smiled. “Hi, Griff.”
            He grinned. “Hey, there, Patsy.”
            Candace looked from Griff to her assistant. “Patsy?”
            Patricia patted her perfectly-coiffed salt and pepper hair, and purred, “Griff, you disappeared before I got a dance.”
            Griff’s face stretched into a lazy smile. “I owe you one next time.”
            Patricia giggled, and Candace stared at her. This man had turned her usually level-headed, mature assistant into a quivering mass of adolescent hormones.
            He set the Stetson in place and cupped a warm palm under Candace’s elbow, steering her through the crowd and toward the revolving door.
            The heat from his palm seared to her fingertips and up to her shoulder. She wrenched free before the warmth crossed into forbidden territory.
            Once outside she shielded her eyes from the sunshine and whirled at him. “What the hell were you thinking last night? Can’t you tell when a woman’s vulnerable, not in control of her…her…actions?”
            He raised his eyebrows. “You sure seemed in control to me. A little wobbly, maybe. All I tried to do was help you get more comfortable.”
            “Is that what they call it in Oklahoma or wherever it is you’re from?”
            Texas. And, yes, we call changing into our nightclothes getting comfortable.”
            “For your information, cowboy, I do not sleep in the nude.”
            He grinned. “I’ll make a note of that for the future.”
            Candace fisted her hands and fought the urge to pound his chest.
            “You took advantage of me.”
            “I would never do that. I respect women.” He cocked his head and narrowed his eyes. “What do you think happened last night?”
            “You know damn well what happened.”
            “Now I seem to be the forgetful one. You were fully clothed when I left you.” He gently took her hand and guided her through stopped traffic and across the street to the park. “We need to get something straight.” He sat on the one available bench, his long legs stretched out in front of him. He patted the seat for her to sit beside him. “Can-dy-dace. We met at dinner. You remember that, right?”
            She nodded.
            “Good. After that, I asked you to dance. You were a little unsteady. You’d downed a few glasses of wine. And you kept staring across the room at that Randall person. I hope you never look at me like that.”
            She glared at him.
            “Yeah, that look. Anyway, we danced, then Randall cut in. It looked as if he was giving you a hard time and you were objecting, so I interrupted. You said you wanted to go to your room, and I accompanied you upstairs. You sat on the bed and started to cry, telling me all about how that dumbass broke off your engagement and said you were boring. Then I sat down to
comfort you.”
            “Yes, and that’s when you took advantage of me!”
            “Whoa. I put an arm around you, and you leaned on my chest and cried. Then you looked up with those gorgeous emerald eyes and said you could prove to me you weren’t boring. And you started to unbutton my shirt.”
            Candace stiffened. “I—did—not! I would never….”
            “Yeah, honey. You did. But being a gentleman, much to my own regret, I declined your offer. I got a nightie from your suitcase and steered you toward the bathroom to change. But you were madder than a cat in a pen full of hounds. If you had shouted my name one more time and told me to get out of your room, I’m sure someone would’ve called security. So I left. I waited outside in the hall for a few minutes, until it seemed all had quieted. I figured you’d fallen asleep.”
            She searched his eyes. “You’re telling the truth,” she murmured.
            “Yes, ma’am.”
            “Then, who…?” The revelation sucked the air out of her. “I have to go back to the hotel. There’s something I have to do.”
            He stood with her. “Are you okay? You’re awfully pale.”
            “I’ll be just fine. I’m sorry for the confusion, Griff. I’m sure you’re every bit the gentleman you claim.” She raced into the street, weaving around moving vehicles. Cab drivers shouted in six languages. One narrowly missed her, the driver flipping a middle finger to accompany his verbal assault.
            Candace stormed through the hotel lobby and up to the front desk. “What room is Randall Spiker in, please?”
            The startled desk clerk stammered, “I’m not permitted to give that out, ma’am. I can call up for you, though.”
            “Please do.” She drummed her fingers on the counter while she waited. Catching sight of Randall entering the bar across the lobby, she said, “Never mind. I found him.” Her heels clicked a staccato rhythm on the marble floor as she crossed the lobby. Through clenched teeth, she muttered, “I’ll kill the son of a bitch.”

# # #

Available in ebook and trade paperback at Champagne Books at and at B&

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Character Interview: Lord Branin of Dragon Destiny

Greetings everyone, I am Burst Books author, Helen Henderson. Linda has graciously offered to let me post my interview with Lord Branin of the dragshi. Branin's tale is told in the newly-released fantasy novel from Burst Books, Dragon Destiny.

An amber dragon playfully soaring above signals the arrival of my guest. Wind from its wings ripple my hair and send up whirls of dust. A silvery voice that could only have come from the great creature echoed in my head. But the words were not intended for me, but another?

Friend Branin, let me talk.

A moment later the dragon landed and flipped his wings along his back. I am Llewlyn. My soul twin Branin will join us shortly, until then if you don’t mind, I’ll visit with you.

Sitting on a rock and pulling pad and pencil from a valise, I swallowed hard. Honored old one Llewlyn, welcome. I’ve never interviewed a dragon before. What should I know?

When some humans are born, more than one soul comes to life. The human, which are called dragshi, have a twinned dragon soul. When the dragon awakens, so does both the human and dragon magic. When I awoke many years ago, Branin acquired the ability of flight. Like the other dragshi, we share one body in space in time and are able to change forms with the other at will. Although the dragon halves don’t interfere in the human world, today I wanted to stretch my wings. So here I am.

It must be great fun to soar amidst the clouds.
It is. Llewlyn’s deep-throated laugh showed a sense of humor. Then his tone took on a somber note. I have learned much from my human soul brother. With ability comes responsibility. The dragshi protect the innocent--man, woman, and child.

Llewlyn, I’ve heard you and Lord Branin are on search. May I know what for?

The mental contact vibrated with tension and a sense of desperation. Branin and I are the last of our kind. We have waited over three hundred years for our mates, but there have been no signs of another dragshi’s birth, let alone that of a female. Branin and I are alone. The true human women whose paths have crossed ours do little to lighten my soul brother’s loneliness. Although the women understood a dragshi can never truly love one of their kind, that we wait for a human female whose soul is twinned to my mate, there is one who refuses to accept the truth. Black eyes glared at me. Lady Broch of Ky’Port means to become Branin’s handfasted mate--with or without his willing cooperation. A low growl came from deep in his the dragon’s throat. I don’t like her.

My reporter instincts leaped onto what the dragon left unspoken. Before I could summon the courage to pursue the question, Llewlyn looked skyward and when he returned his attention to me, the dark sadness seemed to deepen. Soon Branin and I must return to the confining walls of Cloud Eyrie. Thank you for the diversion and if you hear of a girl named Anastasia who can talk to dragons, please let one of the dragshi or a member of the Ceoltier Guild know.

Be assured, honored old one. I will do as you ask.

The dragon disappeared in a white mist. The dark hair and gray eyes of the man who walked out of the concealment fog meant one thing--Lord Branin had returned to his own form.

Greetings Helen. I’m glad the weather broke today so we could take a turn outside. Thank you for humoring Llewlyn. He doesn’t get out much these days, what with the winter winds trapping everyone inside sturdy stone walls. Soon I will escort Crisiant, one of the true dragons, on a long journey. I’m sure she and Llewlyn will have much to talk about.

Branin took a seat on an adjoining rock. Whether it was a lingering after effect of the transformation or Branin himself, but his mere presence overwhelmed. Anger flickered across his face as he glanced at the sky. I’ m sorry to have to cut this short, but I see the ranks of clouds are closing. There is time for one more question.

Lord Branin, Llewlyn said to watch for a girl named Anastasia. Who is she?

A hint of sadness flickered in his eyes. I don’t know.

A white mist surrounded Branin and when it dissipated, the amber wings of Llewlyn’s dragon form towered over me. There seemed but one way to end the interview and I bowed my head. Thank you for the honor of the visit.

It is our pleasure, came back the silvery tone as I covered my eyes against the shower of dust that accompanied the dragon’s takeoff. And the final message sent my heart soaring on dragon wings. Hatchling’s Curse will be told, May 2013.

More of the tale of Lord Branin Llewlyn is told in Dragon Destiny available from Burst Books. Ebook also available at Amazon / OmniLit / DriveThru Fiction with expanded distribution to paperback other ebook platforms later in 2012.


About Helen Henderson: A published author, feature-story writer and correspondent, Henderson has also written fiction as long as she could remember. Her heritage reflects the contrasts of her Gemini sign and shows in her writing which crosses genres from historical adventures and westerns to science fiction and fantasy. Henderson's other 2012 release is Windmaster Legacy, the second book in the Windmaster series. A western written under the pen name of her ancestress, Jessie Treon, was released November 2011 in the Dreamspell Goddess Anthology.

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An Excerpt from Dragon Destiny now available from Burst Books

            Branin screamed his frustration to the sky. Liam and Dealan had found each other within weeks of their first shift into dragon form. According to the ancient records in the back recesses of Cloud Eyrie, he and Llewlyn had already waited longer for their mates than any other dragshi had ever done. Llewlyn woke more frequently from the shadowed corner of Branin’s mind where he slept and the dragon’s discontent echoed Branin’s own. They were alone and, Branin feared, destined to remain that way forever. Again, he yelled to the winds. However, what echoed back from the ice-covered peaks sounded more like a moan than a dragon’s trumpeting call.
            A hint of emotion whispered at the edge of his senses. He could tell the feeling did not come from his fellow dragshi, or, from one of the old dragons. That left only a true human.
            The depth of the other’s longing called to him. His own hunger answered. Reaching out with a gentle mental summons, he asked, “Who are you?”
            Surprise and astonishment replaced the dark despair Branin first felt from the unknown person.
            “Do not be afraid,” Branin encouraged. “Tell me your name.”
            No matter how hard he listened, no response answered his question, although Branin detected the low rumble of thought. He curbed his normal instinct to charge forward. Instead, he flew tight circles between the steep cliffs and waited. Three loops turned into four, which stretched into ten. Wet flakes from the approaching storm pelted him. A strong downdraft caught his wings and dropped him several hundred feet. Retreating before the black clouds, he tried one last time.
            “Mine is Branin. Your loneliness touched me. Please, what is your name?”
            The contact snapped. In the final moment of its existence, a single word whispered into Branin’s mind. “Anastasia.”
Dragon Destiny available from Burst Books. Ebook also available at Amazon / OmniLit / DriveThru Fiction with expanded distribution to paperback other ebook platforms later in 2012.