Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Share your favorite Christmas story or memory.

It's here at last--REINVENTING CHRISTMAS is now available in ebook. This sweet, heartwarming romance is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit. M.J. Rich heads home for holidays to enjoy a nice, quiet, traditional family Christmas. Things don't turn out exactly as she expects.
As I celebrate the release of REINVENTING CHRISTMAS, I invite you to share a story of memory from your own Christmas experiences. On December 1, I'll draw a name and the winner will receive a free download of REINVENTING CHRISTMAS. So be sure to include an email address for contact in your message post.

And get your copy of REINVENTING CHRISTMAS now from Champagne Books  It's only $3.99. It's like Christmas came early.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet Author Lizzy Stevens

In this month's Author Spotlight, I'm pleased to feature author Lizzy Stevens.

1. Every author I’ve met has their own unique story of how they found their way into writing. What path led you to become an author?

Honestly I didn’t have it in my mind to become an author. It was always something I was interested in. Growing up if you were looking for me you would probably find me curled up to a good book somewhere. I was always reading. I had thought about writing but never took that big step. I was always afraid I wasn’t good enough. You know that feeling. We all have it. LOL. But I got up the nerve and sent my first book out in 2008 and it was accepted and I haven’t stopped since.

2. What aspect of the writing process to you enjoy the most? What part of the process do you dread?

Like everyone I’m sure. LOL I hate the editing stage. Every author falls in love with what they write and then the editors says that dreaded words LOL These pages here need to be cut or this scene needs to be left out. And you are left sitting there thinking “but I thought it was great” LOL. So definitely the editing is the worst part. The best part of course is creating characters that you fall in love with and hope everyone else falls in love with.

3. What author has most influenced or inspired you?

I don’t really have an author who influenced me. I love to read. So I jump from romance, to mystery, to paranormal. If it’s a good book I read it. LOL So it would be really hard for me to pick the one author who most influenced me.

4. Can you tell us a little about your book(s)?

“A Surprise For Christmas” is about a woman, Samantha, who looks up a the Christmas star and makes a wish to find love. That night there is a knock at her door and when she answers it there is a baby on her doorstep with a note. The mother is dying and is giving her the child. Samantha’s whole world has now been turned upside down but not as much as it’s going to be. When she falls in love with the child and would do anything for her child, the father shows up. He wants the baby. He didn’t know the mother was giving the baby away. Now Samantha’s world has shattered. She can’t lose her child. She is left with a lot to deal with. It’s a very touching Christmas story that will touch the heart of all it’s readers.

5. What can readers expect in the coming months? What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on a mystery. “Blackbeard’s Hidden Treasure” it will be ready the first part of the year.

6. Where can you be found on the web? (web site, blogs, social network links)






Blurb:    A Surprise for Christmas

Samantha wasn’t expecting what she got for Christmas this year. Her doorbell rang and there sitting on her porch was a baby in a basket. This changes her life for the good. But then something happens. The baby’s father comes for his child. How can Samantha convince him that she is the best thing for the child?

I'm married and the mother of two wonderful boys. I've been writing for a few years and have several books published. You can find all of my books at Solstice Publishing. When I'm not spending time with my family you will find me sitting at my computer thinking of my next story.