Tuesday, March 8, 2022

International Women's Day ~ Should Be Every Day

It's International Women's Day. Not to be confused with National Women's Day which is in August. So we get two days a year to celebrate ourselves. If you're a woman--every day should be women's day. Every day should be a day to celebrate you, your womanhood, your accomplishments, your being.

Take time today to reflect on the greatness that is you, apart from accomplishments. Think about the women who have impacted your life to make you you. Sometimes those are good influences, and sometimes not so much. But those experiences all make you who you are--loving, kind, strong, boundaried, open, talented, driven by desire for something more, happy with what you have. Celebrate it all.

Remember the words to the song: I am woman, hear me roar? Katy Perry echoed the sentiment as well: You're gonna hear me roar. Sometimes that roar comes through in a soft utterance. However you roar, do it. Make your voice heard.

I am, like many of you, struck these days by the scenes out of Ukraine and the women taking up arms--a rifle in one arm, a child in the other. They are literally fighting for their lives. I can't imagine being in their shoes. Take a moment to offer a prayer, an acknowledgment, silence for the courage of those women.

What demands your courage as a woman? What's your struggle to stand firm? What do you have to celebrate today?

Do it. Do it all. Stand in solidarity with other women around the world who have their own particular struggles. Stand with your women-friends who strive to become more themselves. Stand up for yourself as you continue your own journey.

Celebrate you!