Thursday, September 6, 2007

Another Step Forward

I am a writer. When I set the first words of my first book into type just four years ago, I never imagined becoming a published author. I just wanted to find out if I could write a book, start to finish, and create a story that caught anyone's interest. A few friends read the story and encouraged me to publish. Ah, but where to start?

I talked with other authors, submitted to agents and got a fair share of, "It's just not what I'm looking for right now" letters. Then I found a publisher (Wings ePress, Inc. who wanted to put my work into print. Now I needed a website. Something through which to make myself known and promote my work. I don't speak computer-ese. My critique partners will tell you I sometimes struggle with English.

But, I forged ahead and managed to create a web page ( that I've now redesigned (over and over). You know how that goes. You go in, planning to make one tiny change, add one little link. The next thing you know, your 'page' is four pages, includes your book cover, excerpts, reviews, and links to every other author and publisher you know. Okay, so I'm proud of my accomplishments. The book? Oh, yeah, that too. But navigating the web and creating a site. Now that was a rush.

Most of my friends have blogs. I swore I would NEVER have a blog. They seem too self-serving. They present the risk of revealing too much of one's personal life without an awareness of boundaries. The name alone sounds like someone spitting out a taste of something spoiled.

Okay, so I'm eating my own words here. The truth is--a blog can be self-serving. Self-promoting. (And a writer must be those things.) The truth is--a blogger has to be aware of and sensible about boundaries and what they post for all the world to see. I can do this. And the name--blog. Well--it is what it is.

My posts will center, primarily, around writing, in all its aspects. Writing and publishing are serious businesses, but not without a good share of humor. I'll introduce you to my writing and, hopefully, to some of my writing companions.

So, here I am, taking another step forward into the twenty-first century. Thanks for joining me.


Infogypsy said...

Hi, Linda - nice clean blogspot! I skimmed down your purpose and maybe we can figure out how to combine forces to get people to our blogs. I've had a blog for three years and have only had 10 visiters total - I was told you needed to visit other blogs and make yourself known which I did a few times but it may take more than that. Also I think doing articles and giveaways for blog visits is good - judi

Verna LaBounty said...

Very clear intro, Linda. The book cover looks lovely at the bottom. I will be a regular reader.
Just had a thought - I will contact the owner of a webezine that I met at the hospital (her husband was in ICU at the same time as my brother-in-law). She recognized my name from an e-mail to her site and my book reviews in the local newspaper. I'm slapping my head that I didn't think of this sooner, but she publicizes the accomplishments of writers in her newsletter. I'll get you and Judi and Carol in her news section.

linda_rettstatt said...

Wow, that would be fantastic. Thanks so much. It is my hope that this blog will connect readers and writers, and give up and coming writers (like myself--lol) an opportunity to make their writing known.

Carol said...

Hi Linda; you are braver than I to start a blog. Hope you attract many anxious to read your fine work and enjoy your wit. Carol McPhee

Anonymous said...


Followed your link from (Published Authors group) - just so you know a link helps!

You - are terrific! Your blogs made me smile on a gloomy day in WA State while battling writer's block and waiting for my daughter to go into labor (couldn't that become a country song?). Thank you for that!

I wrote my first book - a non-fiction 2 years after the suicide of my 15 yr-old daughter, I Can Only Imagine..., and ended up self-publishing because between writing the story of my grief and faith and speaking about it in presentations to kids and groups, I didn't have energy enough to seek out a publisher.

Although quite a few copies sold, it was nothing like it can be. I no longer use that publisher. I'm currently half finished with my 2nd, a fiction this time, but with the same motive - to prevent youth suicide - and it's powerful. I know if the right publisher reads only a paragraph from each book, they'll grab it and lives will be touched.

I'd love to talk more and share when you have time -

Blessings to you,

Jill - ClassyNanna on or NannaJill on