Thursday, October 18, 2007

Santa, Superman...and Me

I know I promised a blog on critique groups, and that will come. I was struck by something today that, at first thought, had nothing to do with writing. At second thought, it had everything to do with writing.

I went to the mall to browse and clear my head, relax before my very first book signing this evening. A woman sat on a bench by the fountain. In front of her, a little girl--three or so--danced, her sparkling red cape twirling behind her. She wore a blue Superman leotard with a bright red and yellow 'S' on her chest. Bright blue and gold boots completed the ensemble.

Now, it's a few weeks until Halloween, so it struck me as odd, then as delightful. It brought to mind the scene I witnessed last July at a Barnes & Noble cafe. A man wearing shorts and a tank top--appropriate for the eighty five degree heat--walked in with two young boys. The older, probably eight, was dressed much like his father. The younger boy, about four years of age, wore a bright red Santa suit, complete with heavy black boots and a red velvet hat. Sweat trickled down his pudgy cheeks, yet he seemed totally happy.

Today I'd been feeling less than anticipatory of my book signing, due mostly to the way life throws obstacles before us at times. Then I meditated on these two children--Santa Claus in July and Superman(woman) dancing in the mall in full costume two weeks before Halloween.

So, as I get gussied up to face the two, ten, or thirty (aren't I optimistic?) who come to the signing, inside I will draw upon Santa and Superman. For isn't that what our writing is about? It's about tapping into the possibilities in all of us, creating worlds, and people, and happy endings.

It's about being Superman on October 18 and Santa in July, and letting our readers believe it's possible for them, too.

Now, go, dress up and dance.


Infogypsy said...

SOME GREAT INSIGHTS, LINDA! I love living outside the box - living life like it's a game to play - sometimes a tragic opera - but reminding ourselves all there is to do is play -


Verna LaBounty said...

What a good reminder to be playful and creative. There are no rules/limits for imagining. Gret examples of parents who did not stifle their children and make them fit in the rules of acceptable - whatever those might be.

Anonymous said...

Linda- As a mother of two boys who have been Superman, Spiderman, pirates, divers (complete with swimming goggles) and Batman on any day of the year, I've recently joined their world and bought a pair of fairy wings (Only $2.99 at Christmas Tree Shops!). I highly recommend them for your book signing! You'll be amazed how all your worries disappear with a bit of magic guiding you! Good luck tonight!