Friday, April 25, 2008

Lose Your Mind!

The Year I Lost My Mind will be released May 1 by Wings ePress, Inc.

Here is a brief excerpt:

My name is Beth Rutledge. Today is my birthday. I am fifty-one years old. I have a thriving interior decorating business, a son in college, a daughter who just made me a grandmother and a husband whom I love very much. My mother will tell you I have been having a midlife crisis. My best friend will tell you I am courageous. My husband will tell you that, on my last birthday and for just a little while, I lost my mind.

I will tell you this: Sometimes you have to lose something in order to reclaim it. Sometimes you have to trust the love that holds the seams of your life together and stretch it to a new limit. Sometimes you just have to lose your mind…and follow your heart.

~ * ~

Lose your mind, and follow your heart with me on May 1 at Wings ePress, Inc.

Thanks to those of you faithful readers who enjoyed And the Truth Will Set You Free and Pieces, also available from Wings ePress.

Happy reading!


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