Sunday, November 23, 2008


FINDING HOPE, my new women's fiction novel, will be released December 10 by Wings ePress, Inc. I'd like to share an excerpt, just to whet your appetite.

Janet DeMarco is having one of those days. She feels underappreciated, underestimated, and misunderstood. She accidentally resigns from her job and, when her husband finds it amusing, she posts her resignation to her family on the refrigerator. Janet becomes a blonde, changes her name to Hope, and finds three people who help her realize the blessings in her life: her husband's eighty-year-old grandmother, Carmela (a/k/a Sophialoren), Ricki, a young single mother, and Joy, a homeless woman close to Janet’s age.

Janet learns that, sometimes, our questions about life don't necessitate change, but lead us to own the choices we've already made.

Finding Hope is about the ever-evolving spirit within every woman.

~ * ~

Dear family,

I quit. Effective immediately, I am no longer the cook, laundress, shopper, housekeeper, chauffeur, landscaper, or resident problem-solver. Oh, I’m also not the banker or the ATM. I am, however, the instructor. Classes will begin tomorrow and seating is limited, so you should sign-up early.

A cooking class will be conducted at five-thirty sharp. Bring your inquiring mind and appetite. A cook book will be available. On Saturday, I will offer two sessions--general housekeeping and laundry. Supplies will be provided. However, if you are attending the laundry session, please separate clothing into lights and darks and bring those with you. This class begins at nine a.m. in the basement.

Housekeeping will commence at ten, once you have mastered washing machine settings and drying times. Rubber gloves are recommended for those who have delicate skin or have had expensive manicures recently. Other workshops, such as money-management, will be scheduled as needed and announcements will be posted. Don’t be late and get left out in the cold.

Janet R. DeMarco, Wife, Mother, Person
(not necessarily in that order)

~ * ~

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