Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Hat's Off to Copyeditors

Copyeditors out there--listen up! You have my utmost respect and appreciation. Two years ago, I took an online course on editing and copyediting. Those of you who know me, know I'm not one to follow the rules. (See previous blog post about mismatched socks :) Copyediting is all about knowing and following 'the rules.'

I recently took on a freelance job to copyedit a small non-fiction work for a friend's religious congregation. My course notes have gotten quite a workout. So have my eyes.

I now have five published novels. I've had good copyeditors, one remarkably good copyeditor, and one...well, let me just say I copyedited the galleys for one book myself at the last minute. But after copyediting documents all day today, I have a profound respect for the work copyeditors do. You literally search for needles in the haystack.

So, if you are a copyeditor--here's to you. If you are an author--be kind to your copyeditor, and he or she will (hopefully) make you look brilliant in the end.

Happy writing!


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