Wednesday, December 30, 2009


In preparation for the New Year, the release of my newest novel, NEXT TIME I'M GONNA DANCE, and as I reflect on the past year, I'm inviting my characters and yours to come by and share something about themselves and their hopes for 2010.

My first guest blogger is Emmie Steele who stars in NEXT TIME I'M GONNA DANCE. Help me to welcome Emmie.

Emmie Steele (NEXT TIME I'M GONNA DANCE - January 1, 2010 - Champagne Books)

It's been quite a year for me. Actually it's been quite a couple of years. I dodged a bullet a few years ago when I survived breast cancer. Then my husband (better known to all of my friends--and occasionally to myself--as 'the ass') walked out. I was just getting back on my feet, back into the rhythm of my life when I got a second diagnosis of breast cancer. The hardest thing was telling my daughter, Lisa. She's just graduated from Penn State, you know. I'm so proud of her. I'm also very grateful this year, especially, for my brother, Andy, and for my four best friends: Brett, Lynn, Chris, and Polly. Oh, God, you should meet them--Polly in particular. She's a real piece of work. They are the fiercest, kindest, most loyal friends a woman could want. These friends, along with the help of a handsome hunk named Sonny, taught me to dance again.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope you dance--for whatever that means in your life.

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Love, Emmie


Linda Rettstatt said...

Hey, Kate Reynolds here (AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE - Wings ePress). Wow, it's been a wild ride since I was 'downsized' (and not in the hip-butt sense :), and I had to start over. I hope you all have a chance to step back and discover your own truths so you can find the freedom I've found to embrace a passion I'd lost for a while. And, of course, then there's Sam. Well, speaking of passion... Happy New Year to all.

Kate Reynolds
2007, Wings ePress

Infogypsy said...

Sparky here (Mary Catherine Doherty) (NIGHT NOISE). I'm happy to meet you ladies. Now where are you from? Me? I've been around - in a convent in Indy for a while, then up in Chi-town and now in Da Region (northwest Indiana). Sounds like you ladies have had some wild rides at that. Me? I'm looking to swing out myself - maybe not as much as in Night Noise where I had to rescue my neighbor, Miller Abel, from a ricin poisoning. At any rate, I'm spending New Years at a karaoke party - should be fun.

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Everyone, "WOOF-WOOF"
My name is Heidi. I've been adopted by this great new lady in town named Andrea Duncan. Our story is told in Following Destiny. Andrea's grandmother left her a house and this really weird ring with all these flashing lights and odd voices. Mason, the sheriff and an all around nice guy, wants to mate with Andrea. (We dogs know these things.) But I think my mistress is in danger. There's a killer somewhere near. Can I protect her? Sure hope so as she makes the greatest treats. Happy New Year, lick, lick!

Rebecca J. Vickery
Following Destiny

linda_rettstatt said...

Claire Hutchings, here (PIECES). I was sleeping soundly until that darned nightmare that keeps recurring scared the life out of me. I just know that once I figure it out, the missing pieces in my life will fall into place. And if that doesn't happen, well at least I've met a great guy during my search. But I'm so close to discovering the truth.

I hope 2010 brings us all answers to our unanswered questions and that brings us peace.

PIECES, Wings ePress, 2008

J D Webb said...

Ferlin Husky Lewis (SHEPHERD'S PIE - Wings-epress) here, Emmie. If you want I should take care of the "ass," give me a call. One more body won't bother me. How much would you pay? With him gone 2010 should be better. Don't let Mike Shepherd, that PI, know about it though. Been a tree trunk in my side for seven years.
Be seein' ya.

linda_rettstatt said...

Anthony DeMarco checking in. Has anyone seen my wife,
...Hope (FINDING HOPE, 2009) Since she resigned her jobs, colored her hair and changed her name, I can't keep up with her. I'm warning you guys out there, take your woman seriously, or she could turn your life upside down. Well, I'm off to see if she's in the park.

Wings ePress, 2009

linda_rettstatt said...

Emmie to Ferlin:

Thanks, Ferlin, for the offer. Frankly, I want to keep Wes, my ex, around for a bit. My friends, especially Polly, have him right where I want him :)

Next Time I'm Gonna Dance
Champagne Books, January 1, 2010

linda_rettstatt said...

Abby Walker checking in. Woohoo, it's New Year's Eve. Now last New Year's Eve was...well...
surprising. My lawyer and friend, Troy Freeman, came by even though I'd told him the dinner party was canceled. Let's just say I vaguely remember the clock striking midnight. But other memories are still making me shiver. And, honey, it's not a bit cold in here :)

I wish you all a New Year's Eve like my last (wink).

Abby Walker
Wings ePress, September, 2009