Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What happens while we sleep?

Last evening I was sitting here with my laptop, working. Okay, okay...so I was dozing. Fortunately, while we snooze, others are working. Take my publisher, Champagne Books, for example. While I was studying the backs of my eyelids, Ellen (J. Ellen Smith) was busy preparing contracts. Like the one she sent to me to publish my novel, Love, Sam.

I'm so pleased that this book will be available in Novemb
er, 2010. Love, Sam is one woman's journey through loss and grief, guided by one letter a month from Sam. As Trish faces her grief and her uncertainty about the future, she has to find self-acceptance and the courage to go on without Sam. (I know what you're thinking--P.S., I Love You. Nope--not even close.) This is a story with a surprising twist. So mark your calendar for November 1 and keep tuned right here for updates.

And don't forget Shooting Into the Sun, coming in May, 2010, from Champagne Books.
Happy writing and reading!


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