Sunday, March 7, 2010

EPICon 2010, There I Go

I've returned home from attending EPICon 2010 in New Orleans. And I returned a bit lighter. I sold a few books--and I didn't have to worry about packing that pesky EPIC e-Book Award. Okay, so I'm disappointed I didn't have to pack up an award. But I'm keeping things in perspective. I have six novels published, and two of those have finaled for EPIC Awards. I'm proud of that accomplishment.

As for EPICon, it was such fun to meet a few folks I've only gotten to know on the EPIC lists. I did bring home information that will further my writing in the future. And I had a great time in New Orleans. What a city! We walked right smack into the middle of an Irish parade on Friday evening--a practice, they said, for St. Patrick's Day. Saturday offered an Italian parade, complete with floats and girls in taffeta dresses. You've gotta love New Orleans.

And then there were the beignets. If you've had beignets, I need not say anything more. If you haven't, you can't possibly understand. (Maybe I didn't really come home lighter?)

I send out my congratulations to all the EPIC e-Book Award winners. Hope to see you all again next year in the finals.



daniel said...
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Kim Smith said...

Oh I loooove beignets!! cafe dumond yumm!

You are my Traveler Thursday spotlight today.... did I tell you that??