Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Five at Writing Space

My friend and fellow author, Kim Smith posted these questions over at her blog, Writing Space

1. What is your favorite animal? Where does it live?
My cat, Binky. She lives in my apartment. Well, actually she owns the apartment and lets me live there.

2. Do you like antiques? Why?
I love antiques. Can't afford them, but have a great appreciation for them. Why? Because things today aren't made with the same care, quality, and design. Antiques have character, patina. Just ask Abby Walker in my novel, The Restoration of Abby Walker. She opens her own antiques shop and learns all about patina.

3. Which is worse to have too many of in writing, an adverb, or an adjective? Why?
Adverbs drive me nuts. It's like the author is trying to convince you that the verb is real. Really.

4. What are you afraid of?
Dying alone.

5. Who is an attorney and what do they do?
I only know one attorney, and she defends juvenile offenders.

Well, this was fun. Go on over and check out Kim's blog while you're here. Writing Space


"Life's an adventure--wear comfortable shoes."


Paul Brown said...

Hi, Linda.

I live in MS also (Starkville) where I am busy seeking an agent for my urban fantasy. I've gotten some nibbles (three agents are reading the full right now and three others are reading partials). Would you recommend querying your agent?
Paul Brown

linda_rettstatt said...

I think, when looking for an agent, you need to research the agents who handle the genre you are writing. A good place to find the right agent is either through The Writer's Market or on the AAR (Association of Author Representatives) web site. My agent does is not taking new clients and, to my knowledge, does not handle urban fantasy.

Best of luck.


Kim Smith said...

Hey Linda! Thanks for playing Friday Five!

Rhobin said...

I love antiques, too, Linda. Because I tend to keep everything, my ages ago new-bought furniture pieces are on the verge of entering that pre-antique stage of collectibles.