Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shooting Into The Sun

is now available in trade paperback
from Champagne Books.

Professional nature photographer Rylee Morgan invites her recently un-engaged younger sister to accompany her on a business trip across the country. Lexie, the wild child of the family challenges Rylee to stretch her boundaries and live outside the neatly constructed box in which she's placed herself for safe keeping.

A perfectionist, Rylee lives life in the same way she's learned to use her talents with a camera—dictated by rules. A cardinal rule of photography is that you never shoot into the sun—and Rylee doesn't take chances. Rylee is haunted and driven by ghosts from her past. She locates the father who abandoned her and Lexie sixteen years earlier, and she finds herself falling for a hitchhiker who is crossing the country to lay his own ghosts to rest.

Rylee must now face her fears, dare to step beyond the safe boundaries she has constructed, and risk her heart. She must risk Shooting Into the Sun.

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