Thursday, January 20, 2011

I is for Ireland or Imagination

This week, I'm very pleased to welcome multi-published author Claudy Conn who shares her thoughts on Ireland--Imagination--and Travels.

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I for Ireland or the imagination—which brings us to travel.

I have always found that visiting somewhere, anywhere takes on a life of its own and works its way directly into my writing.

A 30 minute ride to Office Supply (living in the country-anywhere is 30 minutes away), brings me into rows and rows of boring and endless paper, pens, printers and suddenly I look up and see two men discussing business. Are they partners? They appear displeased with one another. One of the men looks particularly angry and as I cast a sideways glance I look up and discover that he is staring with hatred at the other man’s back. Oh no, do we have murder in the making?

Having dinner out in the metropolis one evening and I bend to pick up my napkin. As I lift my head I see a surly man and his eyes are wide and appeared crazed as he stares across the room. He stares at a woman there who is bending to kiss the man she is with. I hear him mutter her name--I hear a low throttle of indignation in his throat. I know without being told that she is his wife. His hand goes to his waist and I see the gun tucked in at his belt. Will he pull it out? Does he mean her harm? Imagination.

Travel almost anywhere is what you make of it. A trip we took to Scotland demanded we explore Lock Ness and as we gazed at its rolling dark blue waves I was sure I could see Nessie and her newborn dipping down deep as they made their way back to the sea and her life-long mate.

In England, a trip to Stonehenge and the Standing Stones made my mouth drop. I moved in closer to stare at the monoliths in awe and it happened--I heard their call in the breeze and I went closer. What stories they whispered. I reached out and touched the stone expecting it to be cold but it wasn’t. It burned into my skin and I felt electricity shoot up my arm. There right before me were portals to a Faery Realm, and other dimensions and I couldn’t look away. Right there before me was mystery and ancient myths demanding my attention.

Travel. I stood in the ruins of what was once a castle in Ireland and the walls rebuilt themselves for me and I can see men in armor drinking ale and toasting one another after a long hard fight in the battlefield. I see their wenches cavorting with them. I hear the minstrel…

I stand before a Fairy Mound and I know that the tales that began long before the written word must be based in fact. I am a strong believer in the adage, ‘where there is smoke there is fire’. I see the fire and it is full with history. I know how the tales of leprechauns and winged tiny fairies emerged and my mind explores the possibilities.

As a writer, I have always found that research opened up my mind as I found the unexpected in ancient texts. Letters written by Lord Byron, Shelly, Keats and Moore taught me the language and style of the day.

Travel, any kind of travel is one of a writer’s greatest boons which directs us back to I—Ireland or if you will the imagination. If you are a writer, you have it in abundance—use it for it is your gift. If you are a reader, enjoy it, because that is our ultimate gift.

Hi: You might already know that writing is a must for me. Inspiration comes from everything, but especially from my hot Irish husband, our incredible daughter and her handsome husband.

And then not to be ignored is Cherokee, our ¾ wolf--her (now 3year old) l70 pound son, our horse and Mr. H the turtle.

I used to write regencies and historical romances (over 40 mass market bestsellers). “Spellbound-Legend” is the first installment in my paranormal Legend series.

Thanks so much for your interest and hoping you will stop by and say hello.

Claudy Conn

Maxine faces danger everywhere she turns. She has to keep an evil and ancient woman at bay, and all the while be instrumental in stopping the Fae Wall from coming down.

So much depends on her developing her innate magical skills. So much depends on the two men who have entered her life—one, Julian, the moody High Druid Priest who awakened after a two hundred year coma, and the other, a Fae Prince who wants to protect and keep her for his own. Maxie has decisions to make…

Available from Wings ePress.


Fiona McGier said...

My Dad was from Glasgow, and he had a similar story for the first time he visited Stonehenge. He said he felt "connected" to his heritage in a way he never had before. He was a cynic and an atheist, but even he thought of all of the stories of the "little people" and faes, and he knew for a fact that he was experiencing something very old and strong. Great blog post! Without imagination, not only would we have nothing to write about, but most of the things humans have accomplished wouldn't have happened. It has to be thought about before it can be invented.

Anonymous said...

As I read this, I want to know what happened in the office depot and the restaurant! Wonderful blog post. Can't wait to read the book.

Palmaltas said...

Travel--one of my favorite subjects! Great blog, Claudy. You truly do have I for Imagination.

Unknown said...

Imagination--what would we be without it? I, too, watch people and make up quick stories about them. Some of my stories are very boring and I discard them, and wait for another interesting person to appear. The airport waiting lines is the best place! Those of us who can entertain ourselves with our own little stories survive all the madness a wee bit better. Nice post--Celia

Patg said...

I love people watching, and agree that airports can be one of the very best places for it. Brings out the best and the worst in people and they show their true colors. And writers do have an advantage over others for long waiting lines, if their imaginations don't go too far.
Great post.

Linda Rettstatt said...

Thank you for being here today. I love this post. I once got caught up in an overheard argument between a man and woman at the casino. What wonderful characters they presented for a long-married couple. I loved it when she said, "If you don't stop that now, I'm taking you home." That's so going into a book at some point.

Love travel, too, and it does stir the imagination.


Tracey Jane Jackson said...

Claudy, this is great! More proof you're a great author!

Therese said...

Claudy, I love the post! I have never been to Ireland or England, but I'd love to do so sometime in the future. I am a people watcher too, and I also love to look at houses as I drive by and just wonder what life is like inside them. I look forward to reading your book!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Love this post, Claudy, and the way you've expressed it. I can relate to the mystery and imagination around us. I'm from Scotland and visited the standing stones in Orkney for the first time two years ago.

Claudy Conn said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. I so appreciate them.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly how my mind works! If I don't write down the ideas, I would pop! Great post.
Liz Arnold
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