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Suzanne M. Hurley - How I Became A Writer

I'm very pleased to welcome author Suzanne M. Hurley who tells us about her journey into writing.

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First of all, I’d like to thank Linda for the opportunity to talk about how I became a writer.

While in university, I once applied for a summer job at a Dairy Queen. When asked why, I broke it down to its simplest form and said, ‘Because I love ice cream.’ I got the job. Trying to explain how I ended up a writer reminded me of that story, because, breaking it down to its simplest form, ‘I love words’.

My fascination with words began at a young age, before I even started school. Often I’d hear a word I’d never heard before that would appeal to me and I’d repeat it out loud, over and over, savoring its sound. I’d then look it up in the dictionary to see what it meant.

My mother told me several times, that I’d made a valiant effort to teach myself to read, before I was even formally taught. I can well remember my grade one teacher giving us thick readers, asking us to read a story a night. Eager and excited, I ran home and read the whole book cover to cover. I was lucky because that same teacher went out of her way to keep me supplied in a never-ending stream of books. I also devoured every book I could get my hands on at home - from children’s encyclopedias to my brother’s Hardy Boy Collection. I couldn’t pass a newspaper or magazine without picking it up and reading it and then I discovered the public library where to this day, I still visit several times a week.

Exciting worlds were opened up to me through books and the only downside is that quite often I still pronounce words wrong because I was reading so much at such a young age that I never learned the proper pronunciation of certain words, so I made up my own pronunciation and will still slip into ‘my way’ from time to time.

So words were always a passion of mine, but then took on new meaning when my mother was ill and subsequently passed away when I was a teenager. She had always encouraged my reading and words at that time comforted me, gave me peace and provided a safe haven for my grief, as I searched for books that offered me solace.

My love of words eventually branched out into trying my hand at writing. All through elementary school I wrote stories in my journal about how much I wanted to live on a farm, because I was and am a huge animal lover. In high school I joined the school newspaper which provided me an opportunity to express my love of the written word. However, it was a gift that made my writing take off – the gift of my very first laptop.

My computer and I became inseparable and I carried it everywhere. That way, I always had this special outlet to write my words, and very shortly after receiving it, my first book Changeable Facades was born and I have never looked back. Writing has become my passion and I write every single day no matter what, even getting up early in the morning to write before heading to work or beginning my chores or plans for the day.

In my reflection about words, I am in awe of them. They can be honed as weapons to hurt people or peaceful expressions to soothe and comfort. I choose to write from my heart and to carefully select words to do what books do to me – provide safe havens for readers to immerse themselves in and hopefully receive a small measure of solace for at least a few minutes.  My hope is that my books will also provide a well-needed escape like they do for me and help generate the love of words that I have.

I love writing mysteries and have a series about a counselor in a high school who always seems to find herself in the middle of problems.  I also love writing women’s fiction about women overcoming obstacles successfully and one of them Never Ever was a finalist in the Epic E-book awards. I also have a book coming out in November entitled To the Stars, dedicated to all young people who have lost a loved one. I’m hoping it will provide a message of hope to those in mourning.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

My newest book is Who did it? This book is the fifth in my Samantha Barclay Mystery Series. 

Who killed the beloved principal of St. Michael’s High School?
Newly minted FBI agent Samantha Barclay’s first case is to find the murderer.
Only one problem. Everyone she meets has a reason to see him dead.
Will she uncover who did it - before he or she strikes again?

Happiness to this author is curled up with her laptop creating imaginary worlds that come from her heart. Writing is her passion and dreaming up story lines is her love. Suzanne was born in Peterborough, Ontario and currently resides in Caledonia, Haldimand County, where on morning walks with Mike and Rico, she tries out her new plots on the cows, sheep and numerous wild animals she greets along the way.

My Books:

Changeable Facades
Shades of Envy
Who Did It?
Nice Girls Can Win
Never Ever
To the Stars – will be released in November 2013

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