Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Christmas Message From Binky

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house
Linda vacuumed and dusted while Binky did grouse.
The bathroom and kitchen were gleaming and clean.
The tables and desk held a bright, shiny sheen.
Even the litterbox got a good scrub,
Linda stopping a moment to give Binky a belly rub.
Tomorrow Binky's Auntie Sue Ann will arrive
She's not a cat lover, but they both will survive.
With Sue Ann in the bedroom and I on the blow up
Binky will fret with confusion and eventually throw up.
But then she'll adjust and curl up at my side 
In time for Santa's magical ride.
The morning brings presents and surprises for all,
Even she who disrupts my sleep with cat calls.
She'll check out the tree, sniff her toys, play with paper.
That about sums it up--Binky's big Christmas caper.

Binky suggests that if you need a little break from the holiday preparations or a way to unwind, settle down with a nice cup of cocoa and your very own copy of
Reinventing Christmas, a sweet Christmas romance.

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Carol said...

A great laugh to lighten my preparation for a houseful of people and animal company.