Friday, May 19, 2017

A Book is a Book is a Book

Rescued...Too is available in ebook, trade paperback, and audio formats.


Okay, let me get my pet peeve and rant out of the way first. I often hear people talk about books and say, "I don't like ebooks. I prefer real books." Hearing that statement is like having someone shove cactus needles under my fingernails. News flash: ebooks are REAL books. So are audiobooks. A book is a book is a book.

Ebook technology has been around since 1971 and Project Gutenberg. Early books were available on floppy disks. (If you're old enough to know what that means, well, you're old, like me.) The first e-readers--devices designed for downloading and reading books produced in digital format--appeared in 1998. Prior to that, digital book files had to be read on the internet, on your home computer.

But my point here is not to provide a history of ebooks and reading devices. Rather, my point is to stress that books--regardless of format--are real books.

The difference is the format. I have twenty-seven novels and novellas along with several short stories available in ebook format. Twenty-five of those novels are available in trade paperback. You know---real books (wink, wink). And five of those are available as audiobooks.

I don't know about you, but I love having options. I spend a fair amount of time in any given week in the car. Audiobooks are my salvation during my long drives to and from the day job. And those books are very real. I know there are those who prefer a hard copy of a book in their hands, enjoy turning the pages. I do, too, sometimes. But the ability to carry my entire library with me for travel or to listen to a book being read to me while I drive is invaluable.

If you look at Amazon book listings, they will tell you all the formats in which any given book is available. There's no right or wrong in preference. Trust me, we authors appreciate our readers regardless of the format they prefer. That's why so many of us strive to make our books available in a variety of formats.

But I beg you, please don't refer to hardback or paperback books as the only 'real' books. I will thank you as will many of my author friends.

Have a beautiful weekend and take time to curl up with a good book---on your phone, your Kindle, your mp3---or a paperback. Keep it real!


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