Friday, July 2, 2010

One Year Anniversary

Olivia (Binky)

Today is the one year anniversary of Binky (Olivia) becoming part of my household. I adopted her one year ago today and brought her home to live with me. Now she lets me live with her in her nice apartment.

How has Binky changed my life? I have to think beyond myself now. She relies on me for food, shelter, a clean litterbox, and general care. Binky's an independant sort of cat, but has gradually grown to be more affectionate. She constantly makes me laugh with her antics, too. Laughter has a lot of healing qualities, so I guess she's become my therapist, as well.

Sure, having a pet can be restricting. You can't just decide not to come home after work. She's waiting for her dinner. It's more of a challenge to plan a trip as you have to arrange for her care. I've learned the hard way that you can't sleep in too late on a day off because, if I feed her too late, she eats fast and upchucks. So she gets me out of bed at a reasonable time. I get much more writing done that way :)

Binky and I will toast our year later with two little glasses of milk. And, yes, I'll give her a special treat tonight for dinner. Afterall, she deserves it. While I'm at work all day, she's here holding down the furniture and guarding the place.

Binky is a truly sweet cat and has had a positive impact in my life. If you're considering getting a pet, please consider adoption. Shelters are overloaded with sweet, loving animals just waiting for a person to own.


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