Saturday, June 4, 2011

Reaching the End of the Alphabet

Last week, we reached the end of the alphabet and the last posting for The Writer's Alphabet blog series. This week I just want to list for you the excellent writers who participated in this blog over the past months and their websites. Please visit their web pages and take a look at their books.

To these writers, I say, "Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and experience. You've given us all new building blocks for our own writing."

In order of appearance, they are:

Angelica Hart and Zi         

Mary McCall                   

A.J. Maguire                 

Jim Woods                   

Karyn Lyndon               

Therese Kinkaide            

Celia Yeary                    

Claudy Conn                 

Judy Griffith Gill            

K.D. Pitner                    

Kimberley Dehn            

Billie Williams               

Fiona McGier              

Carol McPhee             

Jane Toombs               

Elaine Cantrell             

Allison Knight              

Lynn Romaine             

Camille Cavanagh        

Angela Verdenius        

Lauren Gallagher/L.A. Witt

Cindy K. Green          

Judith Leger               


Sandra Cox said...

Great posts from A-Z.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

It was a great series, Linda - and what a lovely way to thank everyone.