Friday, September 14, 2012

Author January Bain is in the Spotlight

I'm pleased to welcome author January Bain in to the Author Spotlight for this week. And she has a new book out next month! Read on to learn more.

1.      Please tell us a little about yourself.

Thanks for having me today, Linda! I really appreciate the opportunity to share a little something about myself with readers and writers alike.

I live in a small town prairie town in Canada with less than 700 residents. My husband and I teach at the local high school ten months of the year and I try to write each and every day in the early mornings or after school. My students find it inspiring (I think!) that I write and I promote their efforts through, Storytellers, a noon hour club I run. Working with teenagers is truly great!

2.      Every author I’ve met has their own unique story of how they found their way into writing. What path led you to become an author?

I wanted to live another life at first, I think and to escape a difficult time in my life. Two of my brothers had died of cancer within a very short time frame and I needed something. I realize now why I chose my first heroine, Ellie Hightower, because she was a true healer and I coveted her gift. I think writing from the heart comes across in your storytelling and connects you tighter with your readers.

3.      What aspect of the writing process to you enjoy the most? What part of the process do you dread?

The first initial idea is pretty darn exciting, I guess, because you know you are avoiding the dreaded writer’s block. I don’t really dread any part as it’s all needed to make the book the best it can be.

4.      Are you a plotter or a pantser in terms of your writing style? Describe your writing space.

More of a pantser! The story unfolds like a movie in my head in proper sequence. I’m a real movie buff so I guess it makes sense that I see my stories that way.

5.      Which author has most influenced or inspired you?

Stephen King for sure. Salem Falls was a first read by him that blew me away.

6.      Of all of your published books, which one story or character is your favorite and why?

Ah, that’s a question for ya’. Ellie Hightower, my first and the gifted healer of the bunch is wonderful, but so is Winter Kennedy the nurse dying of ALS and courageous enough to want to be a vampire, as is Sunday Rose St. Claire who is spunky as all get out and carrying a Dhampyre child,  and I absolutely adore, … I guess all of them!

7.      Would you tell us a little about your latest book?

Forever Man, the first in the Forever Series is very dear to my heart. What if you had been given the gift of healing and could save those you loved? And furthermore, discovered you could save the one you love from a vampire’s kiss. There is a catch; of course, the cost of such a healing could mean your own death…
Ellie Hightower is discovering such gifts in the novel, Forever Man by January Bain (me!) She is telepathic, young and bright and has been running from these new found gifts all the way to Nome, Alaska where she encounters the man of her dreams, Mike Stone and an ancient evil force out to take him away from her. Will having goodness and light on her side be enough to save them from Katrianna, a newly resurrected vampire that looks to enslave Mike in her nefarious web?
To find out the truth you will need to read, Forever Man, the first in the Forever Series.

(Available in both eBook and Trade Paperback)

8.      What can readers expect in the coming months? What are you working on now?

The next two books in the Forever Series are being released: Forever Woman in October 2012 and Forever Clan in January 2013, both from Champagne Books. Thanks, Ellen and Judy!

Coming in October, 2012

9.      What interview question have you never been asked that you’re dying to answer? Answer it.

Why do you have to write so-o much? Because it keeps me sane, I hope!

10.  Where can you be found on the web? (website, blogs, social network links

January Bain
Write from the Heart
Forever Man
Forever Woman
Forever Clan

January Bain hails from Ashern, Manitoba, Canada. Married to the love of her life, her husband Don, she has combined her love of romance with her interest in the paranormal and vampires to produce the FOREVER SERIES of books. She teaches English and Computer courses during the day, and writes at night and in very spare moment she has. She hopes to touch your heart with this first book in the Forever Series, Forever Man, and would very much enjoy hearing from readers and writers alike.


Allison Knight said...

Love your answer to #9. Yes, yes, yes
because you hope to stay insane. Mine is because I have to....

January Bain said...

Thanks, Allison! Insane or not, you're great!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I love reading more about you, January, and I'm full of admiration that you teach so much AND write so much! I also know what it's like to lose a few close family members from sudden death (heart attacks) and I do agree that writing helps a little at those times.

Audra Middleton said...

Great interview! Your Forever series sounds good!