Thursday, October 25, 2012

Margaret Millmore in the Author Spotlight

This week in the Author Spotlight, I'm very pleased to welcome Margaret Millmore.

1.  Please tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Southern California and moved to San Francisco in 1991. I currently reside there with my husband.  I am the grandniece of Irish author Benedict Kiely and the second cousin of Irish author Sharon Owens. My first novel, Doppelganger Experiment was published via World Castle Publishing in September 2011 (revised/re-edited February 2012). My second novel, The Beginning – Book I (The Four series) via World Castle Publishing released August 2012 and is part one in a four part series (release dates for books II through IV are expected in October 2012 through January 2013).   

2.  Every author I’ve met has their own unique story of how they found their way into writing. What path led you to become an author?

I’ve always wanted to write, but life took me in a different direction and I ended up working in the commercial real estate field for many years. About five years ago I decided to go in a new direction and left that field and with the encouragement of my family and friends I began writing. It took a lot of time and patience, but I was first published in 2011 and I’m happily working on more.

3.  What aspect of the writing process do you enjoy the most? What part of the process do you dread?

I love it when a story starts to form and come together. I don’t care for the promotional process, it’s daunting and far more intense than I ever expected.

4.  Are you a plotter or a pantser in terms of your writing style? Describe your writing space.

I’m definitely a pantser. My stories start with one little spark, something I experience and usually its small and insignificant, but it sticks in my head and without know when or how a story develops and I start typing (feverishly). My space is in my living room, it’s bright, full of lush plants and tons of artwork.

5.  Which author has most influenced or inspired you?

I can’t honestly say it was just one author. I started out with CS Lewis and Ray Bradbury, and then fell in love with Stephen King. But they aren’t the only ones, every book I read influences me in some way, regardless of the genre or author, I always walk away with something.

6.  Of all of your published books, which one story or character is your favorite and why?

At this time, I only have 2 published books (however my last was the first in a series, so I’ve plenty more coming soon). I would have to say my favorite is Clare from The Four series. She’s strong, determined and sensible, kind of how I like to see myself.

7.  Would you tell us a little about your latest book?

The Four
A Series

They do exist and they always have. They live, love, and work amongst us and they are part of us. But they are different too, they are stronger and they live longer. They are the topic of many books, movies and myths, but their existence remains a secret, not everyone would accept them. And like us, they have those that are simply evil. Keeping these evil ones under control is the price they must pay to continue the lives they love. They must protect their human brethren from the Dark Ones, those that would rather kill than preserve.
Century after century the good battled the Dark Ones, always prevailing and preserving the lives of their beloved humans. In the 17th century, two powerful Dark leaders emerged, they organized their forces and a bitter war ensued. It was a fight to the death and the good thought they’d won. Four warriors led the battle, four warriors whose strength was beyond anything they knew, four warriors whose legacy had to be protected…
The good formed a consortium and with the help of a powerful sorcerer, a spell was cast; a spell that would follow the warriors’ lineage in case their power was needed again. The warriors are long dead, but their heirs are not, and now they must fight. The Dark Ones have re-emerged, they are more powerful, more resourceful and they want to control mankind and the world.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

The Beginning
Book I

Clare had an ideal life. She lived in the perfect little town, had a great family and four of the best friends in the world.  She also had nightmares, nightmares that plagued her for almost a decade. But these are not ordinary nightmares; they are premonitions, warnings of what is to come and what she will become.
She discovers that she isn’t alone in these vile dreams; her friends are having them too. They are dreaming of their ancestors and their own future...  The discovery of their destiny and the future they must embrace is shocking and terrifying. 

8.  What can readers expect in the coming months? What are you working on now?

In October we will release book 2 in The Four series, then book 3 will come out in December and book 4 is planned for early 2013. I have other projects in the works as well, but no publishing dates are set for those.

9.  Where can you be found on the web?

Twitter: MMillmore


Infogypsy said...

Very similar to my story, Margaret, having lived in SF for years and writing after other events in my life. While I don't read fantasy or paranormal, I read your excerpts and your writing is very clear and readable. I'm sure you will do well with your books. Congratulations.

Carol McPhee said...

Best of luck in your endeavors.