Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nancy Henderson - How I Became A Writer

This week I'm very pleased to welcome author Nancy Henderson to share her journey into writing.

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 I don’t remember the exact moment I became a writer.  I suppose I could say it was when I first wrote something…obviously.  However, I’ve always written.  As a kid, I wrote short stories on chalkboards or in little notebooks.  As a teenager, they turned into long sagas on the dramatics of being thirteen.  I suppose I didn’t start seriously writing for publication until the mid to late nineties.  I first became published in 2003 with Blackbird, a historical romance.  I caught the writing bug and I’ve been at this crazy career ever since.

Blackbird did go out of print, but this year it was re-released by DCL Publications.  Here’s a quick blurb:

Adahya, a Mohawk warrior aiding the British, wants no part of love--especially not with the chattering white woman he has just taken captive. 

Katherine St. James, a teacher at a frontier mission, will stop at nothing to return to the man she has always loved, Reverend Joshua Knox. 

Adahya’s attraction for Katherine is threatening his plans to kill Knox.  Katherine is determined to save Joshua’s life…but Adahya is just as arousing as he is dangerous. 

In a fortnight’s journey wrought with danger and deception, Adahya and Katherine make the trek of a lifetime…and sleeping with the enemy might become a very distinct possibility…

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