Friday, April 27, 2012

An Elegantly Written Work

I don't typically review books here on my blog (but I may start). Every so often a book comes along that, at once, leaves me speechless and yet with much to say. Burnt Mountain by Anne Rivers Siddons is one such book. As a reader, this story grabbed me and held me fast. I picked it up in audio because I listen to books during my long drive to and from work each day. I found myself eager to get into the car in the morning to get back to the story. At the same time, I mourned the nearing end of the book as I popped in the last CD.

Ms. Siddons' writing has always engaged and inspired me. But Burnt Mountain is no doubt the most exquisitely written book I've ever read. Her writing style is positively lyrical. She pulls you deeply into Thayer Wentworth's life--her joy, sorrow, challenges and triumphs. And she does so with incredible artistry.

As a writer, I am in awe. This is the kind of writing to which every writer should aspire. By the end of this book, I felt as if I'd had a private master class with a true master--Anne Rivers Siddons.

Give yourself a treat this summer. Read a book by Anne Rivers Siddons. Of course, my first recommendation would be Burnt Mountain.

Happy reading!



Rosemary Gemmell said...

Oh, how lovely to find you mentioning Anne Rivers Siddons. I discovered one of her books by accident in a cruise ship library - (Freshwater Creek) and I loved it so much that I mentioned it on my blog a couple of years ago!

linda_rettstatt said...

Her writing is exquisite. I adore her books.