Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Promise Tree - Now Available

My newest book,  THE PROMISE TREE, was released today
by Wings ePress.

Here is a blurb and excerpt.


Trudi McNeil Sheppard and Wynn Colton have a history that reaches back into their childhood. They were playmates, then dating teens who became lovers until they went their separate ways for college. Thirty years later Trudi and Wynn meet again and the attraction between them quickly rekindles. They both learn that wishes and promises sometimes come true and that love endures and matures.


The headlights of Wynn's SUV swept across the yard as he pulled in the driveway. In the distance, he saw the silhouette of someone on the back porch of the McNeil house. It was late for anyone to be taking a midnight stroll. He remembered hearing rumors that Mrs. McNeil had been showing signs of Alzheimer's, and decided he should check this out. The figure stood as he strode across the field.

"Mrs. McNeil?"

The woman tilted her head. "Wynn?"

Moonlight cast a white glow over Trudi McNeil's face. "Trudi?"


"What are you doing out here at this hour? For that matter, what are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing. I flew up today to check on my mother. Can't sleep."

He nodded and stopped at the bottom of the porch steps. "Me either. I'm here to get the house in shape for sale."

"I knew you were a surgeon. I didn't realize you did home repairs, too."

"I'm a man of many talents."

"Sit down. You want a beer or anything?"

He dropped onto the top step. "No, thanks. I just had the world's worst coffee at the hospital followed by a Coke disguising itself as Sunkist."

"The hospital?"

"It was the only place in town open at this hour."

Trudi chuckled. "You were that desperate?"

"I took a drive and ended up there. Ran in to Cal Watson. He's the security guard. I hear your friend, Joanne, works there now."

Trudi nodded.

"So, what brings you back home?"

"My mom's not doing well. Alzheimer's…"

~ * ~

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