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How I Became A Writer - Jan Scarbrough

This week, I'm very pleased to welcome author
Jan Scarbrough who shares her journey into

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After almost bleeding to death and spending four days in intensive care, I decided it was time to pursue my dream of becoming a romance writer. Little did I know it would take me on a lifelong journey that has yet to end.

Most writers love to read. I did too: Black Stallion books as a kid, Georgette Heyer Regency romances as a teen. In ninth grade, I had an English teacher who forced us to write essays, and that’s where I realized I enjoyed writing. My most famous ninth grade essay, written during an hour long class, was “Why I Love the Beatles.”
When I went off to college, I majored in English—because I loved reading and writing. After five years teaching high school and middle school, I became a technical writer—applying what I knew instead of teaching it. But I’d yet to try writing a novel.
After almost losing my life, I decided I shouldn’t take it for granted any longer. So I enrolled in a local “how to write romance” class with Karen Robards as the instructor. Eight years later, I was published by Kensington Precious Gems.
I’m a far better writer today than I was when I started. I’ve enjoyed that about the “process,” recognizing my improvement. I’ve also enjoyed my writing buddies, friends I’ve made through writing, and all the places I’ve gone and things I’ve seen which I can call “research.” Recently, my husband and I attended the Professional Bull Riders Bass Pro Chute Out—cowboys and bulls live and in person!

Kentucky Rain, my March release from Resplendence Publishing, is the seventh book in my Bluegrass Reunion series. Although each romance stands alone, they have a few things in common. Set in Kentucky, they are reunion stories. The heroine is usually a single mom; and in keeping with the Bluegrass theme, a few horses are thrown into the plot for good measure, especially American Saddlebred horses.
The books were written in this order.
·         Kentucky Cowboy—Bull rider/veterinarian—She dumped him in high school, because he was a risk-taker.
·         Kentucky Woman—Banker/exercise rider—She loved him when she was a teenager, but they never connected.
·         Kentucky Flame—American Saddlebred Horse trainers—She had his baby, but he left not knowing the truth.
·         Kentucky Groom—Teacher/software designer and Saddlebred groom—She can't afford to fall in love with a lowly groom.
·         Kentucky Bride—American Saddlebred Horse trainer/CEO—She rejected him once, but he’s willing to try again.
·         Kentucky Heat—Country music singer/artist—She doesn’t need to take on another project, but he won’t take no for an answer. (Sequel to Kentucky Bride.)
·         Kentucky Rain—Divorced single mom/security consultant—She has responsibilities to her daughter and to herself, not to the handsome guy next door. (Mentions characters from Kentucky Cowboy.)
I am working on a first-person, Gothic paranormal ghost story called Timeless for Turquoise Morning Press. It is for their Splintered category series
You can find me online at these sites.
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Liz Flaherty said...

Hi, Jan! It's so nice to see Gemsters' names keep cropping up, isn't it? Good to see you.

Renee Vincent said...

Jan, what a great post. I had no idea you were that close to leaving us so long ago. Yes, life is a precious gift and I am so glad you decided to pursue your dream of being a writer. You are a natural story teller and I'm so honored to know you.

I wish you many more amazing releases in your promising future!

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

A well-earned careet. Congratulations. Your heroine looks like Kate Middleton!

Jan Scarbrough said...

Liz, we Gems keep bouncing back, don't we? Renee, you are so sweet! Thank you! Julie, I don't know where those cover artist find those great photos. I've had pretty good ones so far. Wait to you see the cover for the one I'm self-publishing -- Jimmy Thomas is on it. Yum!

Maddie James said...

Jan, I love your Bluegrass Reunion series, and can't wait to read Timeless. Your paranormal stories are awesome!

Maddie -- another Gem!

linda_rettstatt said...

Thanks, Jan, for being here. Every author has a unique story to tell of how he or she became a writer. Talk about a wake-up call, though. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better through your books.

Cheryl Norman said...

I really enjoyed this post, but I always enjoy Jan and her writing.