Sunday, March 22, 2015

Alex Ramsey - Rescued

Today, I'm very pleased to share the story of Alex Ramsey, heroine in RESCUED. 

Some people say that what I do for animal rescue is admirable. Some say I'm crazy to spend so much time, energy and my own money to save a few strays. Others (from my family) suggest I might be trying to work out my own issues. I know that what I do serves a good purpose. I may be a little crazy--something I consider when I'm crawling beneath an abandoned mobile home in the middle of night, looking for puppies. And Lord knows I have issues.

I do what I do because everyone deserves a second chance. I thought my second chance was having the resources to operate Harley's Haven and rescue animals. I didn't realize my second chance came with a nearly six-foot frame and wearing an apron. I figured he needed rescuing, too. What I hadn't counted on was that he would rescue me. And then there was Walter....

You can read RESCUED in ebook and trade paperback, available at
* Proceeds from the sale of RESCUED benefit the Tunica Humane Society, a no-kill animal shelter in Tunica, Mississippi.

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