Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Meg Flores - Unconditional

Women face difficult choices every day, often when it comes to matters of the heart. Meet Meg Flores from UNCONDITIONAL

I thought I knew all about love. I grew up surrounded by love--my grandparents, my parents, even my older sister, Audrey--though love was sometimes irrational to her. And then I met Thomas Flores. Oh, he was so beautiful. Really, in that way a man can be beautiful. Classic Latin features with dark eyes that flashed to black when he felt passionate about something. The last time I saw that look, he was telling me our marriage was over.

To say Thomas broke my heart would be to minimize what his pronouncement did to me. If he'd left me for another woman, well, that would have been oddly understandable given that he left me for his secretary. His male secretary. I didn't know how to fight that choice. Thomas took everything from me--love, trust, and my future.

And despite all that, deep down where it mattered most, I still loved him. When the tables turned in a most hideous way, that love was tested. How do you know when love is unconditional? When it demands more of you than you think you have to give.

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