Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Valerie Marks - A Falling Star

Today's featured heroine is Valerie Marks from A FALLING STAR. 

I wouldn't consider myself a heroine. Isn't that like a female hero? And to my estimation, I've done nothing heroic. I had the same big dreams many of my friends in high school had--to get out of this small town and build a career somewhere else. Anywhere else. I also thought that future might include Spencer Pulaski, my first love. We had plans, or so I thought.

He broke my heart. But I got over it. I got over Spence. I made tough choices that I believed were for the good and returned home to run the local newspaper owned by my grandfather.

I had built a good life there for myself and my daughter, Ali. Sure, there were things missing in my life. But I have time to fill in the empty spaces.

And who shows up on a street corner in Clarkston one afternoon? Spence Parker (formerly Pulaski), recently dubbed 'sexiest man alive' by at least three national magazines. And, dammit, just like that, one of those empty spaces began to ache. I was not just sitting here waiting for the day Spence would come back home. I wasn't. Honestly. But here he was now and eleven years got ripped off like a Bandaid. If he thinks he going to waltz back in here all movie-star gorgeous and pick up where we left off, he's...well, he's... Crap, he might be right. But I have no intention of making it easy.

You can read more of Val's story from A FALLING STAR at Amazon.com.

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