Monday, March 9, 2015

Lynn - Next Time I'm Gonna Dance

The continuing celebration of National Women's History Month and Women Weaving Stories of Women's Lives. Let me introduce Lynn, one of Emmie Steele's closest friends and her sister-in-law.

Since Polly already made it clear that she's Emmie's "best" friend, I'll have to settle for being one of her closest friends. But I do have the singular distinction of being Emmie's sister-in-law. We're family but, then, all of us women are Emmie's sisters.

I met Emmie and the others later when my family moved and I transferred into their school. I thought it would be hard being the "new girl." But I was only the new girl for half a day, then I was Emmie's friend and, by virtue of that, friends with Brett, Chris and Polly. That's Emmie--she only knows a stranger for ten minutes and she's quick to act to ease another's discomfort.

That was the challenge for me when Emmie was diagnosed not once, but twice, with breast cancer. Being there for her despite my own fears. Being with her despite the panic and desire to run. Making her more comfortable. I didn't think I could feel any closer to Emmie and the others. But by including us in her struggle, Emmie brought us all even closer.

I'm usually the voice of reason, the one with the level head of our group. Brett, well you've met Brett. She's a lawyer so everything's kind of black and white. Polly, the soap opera writer, is all about the drama. And Chris. What can I say about Chris? She just so darned--good. But she's has that devilish side, too. Yeah, she's a nun, but not all rigid and stuffy and holier than thou.

What would they all say about me? They'd say I'm good in an emergency. They'd say I can cry at the drop of a hat. They'd say I chose teaching to fulfill my desire to have a child--something that never happened for my husband and myself. Emmie opened me up to new possibilities. What else would my friends say about me? That I'm not too old to learn.

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