Friday, March 6, 2015

Emmie Steele - Next Time I'm Gonna Dance

March is National Women's History Month and the theme is Women Weaving Stories of Women's Lives. I'm sharing the story of a different woman from my books every day in March. Meet Emmie Steele.

I've always been an optimistic person. Perhaps some of that optimism came from my best friends all the way back to grade school--Lynn, Brett, Chris, and Polly. We kind of have a pact that no one cries alone and we always have one another's backs. When I got my first diagnosis of breast cancer, it was only natural for me to stop right outside my doctor's office and call one of them, who in turn called the other three. Within an hour, we were crying, laughing, drinking and making promises to get through this together. When my husband--my now ex-husband--Wes left me high and dry in the middle of chemo treatments because, and I quote him, "I can't bear to stay and watch you suffer like 
this." What a load of crap that was. And, yes, I remained                                                         hopeful that I would come through both the chemo and a                                                        divorce and be just fine. And I was.

I admit my optimism began to waver when the doctor gave me this second diagnosis--the cancer was back in my one remaining breast. And, so, Lynn, Brett, and Chris met me at one of our favorite bars to hatch our treatment and recovery plan. Polly, who lives in New York, was brought on board later that evening via phone. The girls assured me they had my back and, well, my front, as I made decisions for surgery and treatment. Unlike the first time, I knew what to expect. Unlike the first time, I entertained the thoughts of many possible outcomes. I dodged the bullet once. I wasn't all that sure I could do it again. This time was different and I considered regrets. It's funny. There were many things I could regret--like my marriage (though that produced the most beautiful, intelligent and caring daughter ever). But I could only think of one thing--that I never really danced. I have my talents, but dancing is not one of them. I could barely dance at my own wedding (and perhaps that should have been a sign.) I was determined that, if I got another chance, I would learn to dance. What I did not anticipate was having Sonny Palucci step in as my dance partner.

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