Monday, March 23, 2015

Lainie - Quiet Time

Meet Lainie Graham, the heroine from QUIET TIME, and hear her remarkable story of survival.

Be careful what you wish for--you just might get it. How many times have I heard that? I never thought that getting what we wish for could be a bad thing, though. Right? Wrong. I'm a busy mom and homemaker. James and I decided I would stay at home at least until our daughter, Chelsea, was in pre-school. I love being a mom. I love keeping a home for James. But I do admit there are times when I'd like to run away alone for just a few minutes and have a little private quiet time. That was my wish. In a most unusual and frightening way, I got my wish.

I never knew what hit me. Truthfully. Not until much later when James told me what happened. I just found myself suddenly trapped inside, aware of the world outside, but unable to participate in it. Your mind can really play with you when you're in this state of suspension. I discovered things about myself that I'd ignored or taken for granted--my ability to be jealous, my ability to doubt those I love, my ability to want to give up. I also discovered my capacity for love and forgiveness. I guess you could say I had a grand awakening in many ways.

Travel inside the mind and heart of a coma patient. Let Lainie show you what that life inside is like. QUIET TIME (a short novella) is available in both ebook and trade paperback at

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