Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lexie Morgan - Shooting Into The Sun

Continuing the theme of Women Weaving Stories of Women's Lives to celebrate National Women's History Month, allow me to introduce you to a secondary character who could have easily taken over the story--Lexie Morgan.

I think you may have met my big sisters, Rylee, already? Yeah, I know--she can be a real pill. I love her dearly, but honestly if she comes up with one more freakin' rule to live by, I'm gonna scream. I'm surprised her head doesn't explode trying to remember all the rules and the boundaries she sets. She's wound tighter than grandma's mantle clock.

I, on the other hand, know how to enjoy life. My philosophy: Rules are just suggestions and meant to be broken. Boundaries are there to be tested. You have to push yourself and the boundaries if you're going to get anywhere in this life.

Sure, sometimes that results in disaster. Take my former engagement, for example. Now THAT was huge mistake. But I learned from it and no one died. Mainly because I didn't have a gun on me when I walked in on Jimmy, my fiance, in bed with my best former best friend. If there's one thing I know I can count on, though, it's my sister's need to fix things and maintain order. It is cool having a sister eight years older. Especially when I have a mother who's trying to be two years younger than I am.

Rylee finally offered to take me with her on her summer job that meant driving all around the country. I've never been outside the county. She hired me as her 'assistant.' I knew what that meant--"Lexie, get me this" and "Lexie, put this away for me." I didn't mind. It was a free trip around the country. I figured in addition to gophering, it was also my job to help Rylee loosen up and extract that stick from her butt. I thought she'd pop an artery when we--meaning I--offered a ride to a hitchhiker. Turned out to be the best thing I ever did for Rylee. Life's too short to keep yourself on a leash. That's my motto.

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