Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Markie and Julia - Ladies In Waiting

Continuing my month long celebration of heroines from my books, meet Markie and Julia from LADIES IN WAITING. (Talk about two very different women.)

My name is Markie Lyons and I'm an artist. I'm also a left-over hippie, having experienced the great Summer of Love in San Francisco, right after running away from home. I've had an interesting life. It's usually more interesting to others than to myself. I embraced my father's grandmother's Gypsy heritage and I took on her name--Markova. All I ever wanted to do was to create art in several forms, including painting and sculpture. Both require a steady hand and a clear mind. What will I do when I'm no longer assured of having either? I don't see a way I can live without my art. I came to this retreat to sort out thoughts and feelings and fears and to come to some peace with what I need to do next. The small group of women who gathered her are so wonderfully passionate and compassionate. I could easily see myself becoming friends with any and all of them. Even Julia. The poor woman has herself buttoned up so tight and locked in such a small box. I hope she can relax and let go of the tragedy that drove her here. Yes, I know who Julia is and what happened to her. Of course, it's not my place to say anything. I hope she can find the inner forgiveness she needs to get free.

My name is Julia Lane and I'm an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But don't spread that around too much. I'm not exactly popular there right now. With good reason. I did my job thoroughly and efficiently on a recent case. The job was all that mattered and the results were tragic. And while I've never been one to admit failure, I failed everyone involved in this case. I'm not here for some New Age crap about reinvention. I'm here because it was affordable, available, and in driving distance, and I needed a place to hide. None of these women know who I am or why I'm here. I intend to keep it that way. I'll have at least seven days of peace and quiet, time to figure things out. I love my work. Or I did until this last case. Hell, I don't blame the people in Philadelphia who are demanding my head on a platter--yes, some of them actually carried signs depicting this. I want my head on a platter, too. Nothing changes by my coming to this place, except that I'm not in that place where people hate me. A week or so and I'll get myself together and be ready to face what awaits me back in Philadelphia. I'll keep to myself and no one will get hurt.

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