Monday, March 2, 2015

Claire Hutchings - Pieces

March is National Women's History Month and the theme is Women Weaving Stories of Women's Lives. I'm sharing the story of a different woman from my books every day in March. Meet Claire Hutchings.

Life can be full of the unexpected. One minute you're enjoying your happy family and, in the an instant, everything is called into question. I don't know exactly when I shifted from thinking it was all a nightmare to believing it was reality. I repeatedly awoke in a sweat, haunted by an image that stirred anxiety and the question, "Who am I really?" Something planted a seed of doubt that sent me on a quest for the truth. I was so sure I'd prove I was wrong. I hoped. I prayed. And then I accepted.

I was never a fan of jigsaw puzzles. My mother enjoyed them. My sister would sometimes help her. I never wanted to work that hard at trying to put the whole picture together.

Then suddenly I found myself doing just that--searching for one missing piece that would make my life fit. So many discoveries were unexpected, not the least of which was Lee Rowan.

The journey into deception that could have resulted in so much pain for everyone. Don't get me wrong. It was painful to learn the truths about my past and my family. The truth brought me to a crossroad, a decision where I had to choose between resentment or forgiveness, hate or love. I made the only choice I could.

You can get my whole story in Pieces. (Also available in paperback at Wings ePress.)

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