Thursday, March 12, 2015

Trish Garrity - Love, Sam

Women Weaving Stories of Women's Lives--the theme for National Women's History Month. Meet Trish Garrity from my award-winning novel, LOVE, SAM.

I think I felt different my entire life. Different even from my twin sister, Tracie. Different from everyone I knew. Until I met Sam. Then I was home.

Life can be so unfair, you know. We had almost six years before.... I learned something from Sam. I learned the true meaning of love. Yeah, I know that sounds so cliche. But it's true. Love isn't all hearts and flowers and romance, though those things are nice. Love is about caring about the other person both in life and until death. Sometimes after.

If Sam hadn't left me a path to follow, hadn't shown me the way through the pain and back into life, I'd have been lost forever. If I never love again, I know that I was loved so completely by Sam. It still amazes me that, even in death, Sam could bring people into my life and take me places that bring me peace.

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