Monday, March 16, 2015

Jennifer Barnes - Act of Contrition

Meet Jennifer Barnes, heroine of ACT OF CONTRITION, as we continue to celebrate National Women's History Month.

Growing up in Miley's Cove, Maine was like growing up inside a warm hug. My dad, until he was killed, my grandparents, and the Doyles. Especially Patrick. We were friends, then best friends, then lovers Then...Well, then we had a fight and I left.

When my husband and son died in a car crash, one in which I was driving, my physical injuries healed long before the other ones--the ones that would leave permanent scars that only I would see. I could only thing of one place to go--home. Even though my grandparents were gone and the small cottage on Penobscot Bay sat empty. That seemed a fitting place for me, since I also sat empty. And alone.

The accident wasn't my fault. That's what everyone tells me. I wasn't speeding. The roads were wet. We hydroplaned. See, the thing is, I can't clearly remember those few moments because I was distracted by Matt, my husband. We were arguing, as usual. I woke in the hospital to learn I'd lost Matt and my precious, precious son, Cooper. He was named for the small island in the bay where I'd always found magic and mystery and peace.

I came back now to try to find that peace once again. What I didn't expect to find--or should I say who--was Patrick Doyle. I'm strong, a survivor. At least I used to be. I'm just not sure how to survive another round of Patrick.

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