Saturday, March 21, 2015

Shannon Chase - Protection

My featured heroine for today--in keeping with the theme of Women Weaving Stories of Women's Lives--is Shannon Chase from my romantic suspense novel, PROTECTION.

Sometimes when we're blinded by love (or something we think is love), we find ourselves in a situation not all that easily resolved. And sometimes the wisest thing to do is to disappear. No one was taking my baby away from me. Not her father and certainly his powerful wife. Yeah, I know. This is the blinded part of the story. I believed him when he said he was single. I guess I wanted to believe it. As soon as I learned the truth, I broke it off. But by then I was already pregnant.

I never thought I'd be on the run, leaving my family and friends, my job, my life behind. Driving a back mountain road in the fog and hitting a tree proved to be the best thing that could happen. We met Jake.

We needed his help, his protection, more than I could admit at the time. And he took us in, even though he put himself at risk. I learned that some men can be trust. More importantly, I learned to trust myself.

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